Light & Airy Classic Kitchen, Barnes

This light and airy kitchen is situated in an Edwardian home in a lovely leafy green street in Barnes, South West London. This is a bespoke Longford design which really embraces the classic design qualities of simplicity, prestige and stability.

The homeowners have customised this Longford kitchen by choosing a single off-white colour palette, a black granite island worktop and a bespoke Breakfast Pantry.

The natural oak pantry, which is a free-standing piece, integrates the refrigerator and freezer in the two central units, with separate pantries on either side and features beautiful raised panelling.

The kitchen extension incorporates a series of sloping glass skylights, while on the opposite side is a functioning fireplace. This therefore meant that any wall cabinets were not an option. Peter Humphrey, the founder and design director of Humphrey Munson, designed the Breakfast Pantry which contains shelving and storage perfect for all the dry goods that can take up so much space.

Positioning the Lacanche range under the sloping skylights made perfect sense from a design point of view and allowed easy access to both the prep area located in the island, and the refrigeration in the pantry.

The big challenge here was to incorporate the extraction seamlessly into the design; no mean feat when there are only skylights above. Peter worked with Westin to design a bespoke extraction unit that could be wall-mounted and thus negate the need for ceiling mounted extraction.