Advice from a Primary School Teacher on Home-Schooling

One of our H|M clients is a qualified primary school teacher specialising in maths and KS2 but also have experience of GSCE in most subjects and A’Level Biology and French.

With so many parents embarking on home schooling for the first time as well as potentially trying to manage working from home, and managing a household, looking after parents and neighbours, Katy kindly shared her advice on how to cope with the home schooling side of things for primary school children which hopefully will help to take the edge off what is a stressful and worrying time:

1. Your kids just need normal life – as normal as it can be right now.

2. Teachers know that the best way children learn is through normal, everyday life.

3. Baking and cooking, reading, getting out into nature, listening to music, creating practically anything, role playing, dancing, climbing and being active are all just as fantastic as classroom learning.

4. Talk, talk, talk! “I wonder why…?” “What do you notice about….?” Ask them questions about what they see and how they feel.

Please, please, please don’t put extra pressure on yourselves to be a perfect teacher during what is already a stressful time. You’re already doing what most teachers would have loved to have been doing all along. Take plenty of breaks, get fresh air and exercise every day. And don’t forget to reach out if you need help.