Anton & K Decorative Antiques

Anton & K was set up by Karen and Antony Cull who specialise in decorative antiques. Their own home, a 17th century timber framed cottage in the Cotswolds has to be one of the most pinned projects on Pinterest! A new extension clad in reclaimed stone is connected to the main house with a contemporary glass walkway and inside the interiors are just the perfect blend of rustic furniture, reclaimed lighting and decorative original pieces.

We chatted with Karen recently about Anton & K and their work so we could share her insights here on the H|M blog…

Where did your love of antiques begin and why did you decide to set up Anton & K?

We have also bought antiques for our own homes throughout the years, very rarely using anything new and always using reclaimed materials on the house renovations.  It was whilst living in Mallorca we almost opened an antique/ lifestyle shop in our village but decided England would be much better logistically.

So it has progressed from 2 shops to a barn and then onto a warehouse and being totally online with items being exported all over the world to interior designers, dealers and private buyers.

Do you have any advice on creating a layered look in the home, and what would you say is the best way to incorporate antiques into a more contemporary space?

We always try to wait for the right piece of furniture and prefer to have an empty space until it comes along. Because we used reclaimed materials on our renovation sometimes the right flooring or stonework or an old piece of oak can be as just as interesting as putting a piece of furniture in.

Let the room speak for itself and don’t overcrowd it. It is very important for us to buy authentic pieces with a certain patina which is our signature style and are lucky we both have the same eye and taste.

Can you give any tips on how to purchase antiques, especially for people looking to invest in antique furniture for the first time?

We buy things not for their value but because of their decorative importance, so just go with your heart.

To see the beautiful decorative antiques available at Anton & K take a look here and follow on instagram here for daily inspiration.

Images: Emma Lewis (follow on instagram here).