Anya Hindmarch

The Village

In a year when many brands are struggling to justify their bricks and mortar stores over e-commerce in the restricted post-pandemic world, it’s extraordinarily inspiring to see that Anya Hindmarch has launched not just a new shop, but an entire village dedicated to her eponymous fashion brand.

The Village, launched on 17 May, is one of most ambitious retail developments in the UK and comprises five unique storefronts on London’s Pont Street:

The Anya Café

The Anya Cafe is an all-day café at the heart of The Village inspired by the quintessential British cafe of old but reimagined with the brands’ trademark humour.  The cafe will be serving breakfast, coffee, lunch, tea and early evening drinks as well as offering a selection of specially created Anya Hindmarch cakes and biscuits, designed to eat in or be taken away as gifts in beautiful boxes.

The Village Hall

The Village Hall will be an ever-evolving creative concept space launching as the ‘Anya Hair Salon – Shampoo & Therapy’ to celebrate the publication of Anya’s first book, ‘If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair.’ The pop-up Salon will offer ‘Shampoo and Therapy’ with coffee and cocktails for three weeks starting May 17th where you can book in with groups of up to 4 friends (info here on how to book in).

The Plastic Store

This space is designed to showcase and collaborate with others focusing on sustainability and is dedicated to Anya’s passion for circularity of materials and reducing plastic going into landfill. The Plastic Shop will centre around the ‘I Am A Plastic Bag’ sustainable collections; bags and accessories made from an innovative cotton canvas-feel fabric that’s created from recycled plastic bottles and stops them going into landfill.

The Labelled Store

This store is dedicated to the art of organisation, offering Hindmarch’s best-selling Labelled collection (a system of cases and bags that are, quite literally, labelled to keep you organised.

The Bespoke Store

This original Bespoke store will continue to offer personalised pieces designed to mark special moments in time and be handed down through the generations. This location was the brand’s first ever ground floor store and the Anya Hindmarch HQ for the early years of the business.

For more information on the Anya Hindmarch village or to take a look through the different offerings available online click here.

Images: Anya Hindmarch