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Gaggenau 200 Series Ovens

The oven is without a doubt one of the most important appliances in a hard working kitchen. With so many range cookers and built-in oven options out there, choosing the perfect oven can be tricky. For the North Cornwall project however the Gaggenau 200 series oven was just right to give the family flexibility to…

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Gaggenau Vario 400 Series Fridge Freezer

Everything Gaggenau does is uncompromising, extraordinary and precise. They use only materials that are aesthetic and durable such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, enamel and glass. This means that each appliance gets a completely unique feel following strict design principles – and the Gaggenau Vario 400 fridge freezer is the epitome of the…

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Miele Coffee Machine 101

It’s safe to say at Humphrey Munson we love coffee and so do many of our clients- especially when it’s made with a Miele coffee machine. It can however be hard to choose between the Miele bean-to-cup models and the Nespresso models as they are similar but fantastic in their own right. If you’re struggling…

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Longford Pantry, Felsted - Humphrey Munson

The Pantry Ladder

by Humphrey Munson

The bespoke oak ladder is now so utterly synonymous with a Humphrey Munson pantry we thought it was about time we dedicated a post to the origin and design of this very clever accessory. The ladder was designed by Peter Humphrey, the Design Director and Founder of Humphrey Munson, when he realised that only the…

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Dog Beds

We are so delighted to announce a new range of handmade luxury dog beds all made to order at our workshops in Felsted, Essex. Although we’re known for our bespoke handmade kitchens, Humphrey Munson is a design-led company that offers a range of oak accent wood finishes in our projects. With so many clients sharing…

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Lacanche Induction

What’s really great about induction cook tops is that they are super easy to clean and maintain, are much safer to use with little ones in the house and gives consistent and fast heat control. All of these attributes are particularly appealing to clients with busy lives and little time to spare, and we particularly…

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Humphrey Munson - Design Process

The Design Process

at Humphrey Munson

We design, manufacture and install / hand-paint kitchens all across the UK and although for us the starting point is the design process, for our clients this process will have started months, maybe years before. The lead time for thinking about the planning of a kitchen is the longest of any room in the home…

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Open Plan Kitchen - Dining - Sitting Area - Humphrey Munson

Kitchen Scullery Run

The humble scullery was once a separate (often much smaller) room located adjacent or near to the kitchen that was used strictly for washing up and storing tableware, glassware and servingware. For those who love to entertain in an open plan space however, a scullery run incorporated into the main kitchen is ideal and can…

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The Day Pantry

The day pantry is one of the most requested elements of a Humphrey Munson kitchen. With the capacity to hold roughly 4-5 cupboards worth of ingredients in a mix of open and closed storage a day pantry provides a wealth of storage for dry ingredients all in one place. For those thinking of incorporating a…

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7 Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions can transform a kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary and is so much more than adding an extra cupboard or shelving to a design. Cleverly considered storage is essential in a modern kitchen as it is no longer just a space for cooking but a place for entertaining, dining and relaxing with family…

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We think of the kitchen as the new living room – “we live in here now” is what so many of our Humphrey Munson customers tell us after their projects have been installed. And it does make sense – these open plan spaces mean all the family can be in the same space but without…

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How to design a kitchen extension

Westbury Garden Rooms

We work with many clients on projects that include an extension to their home and whatever the scale of the building works, as with all things in life, preparation is key. For many clients the decision to embark upon building work is due to their desire to stay in their existing home rather than move…

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Every year on Instagram we love to look back at the year using the best nine platform and see what the most popular posts were over 2018. This year we had over 1 million likes across 566 posts which is absolutely amazing. For those of you that follow us on instagram, thank you for all…

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How to design a boot room | Ashurst House | Humphrey Munson

How To Design A Boot Room

When it comes to how to design a boot room, the key thing to remember is that this is the room that connects the outdoors to the indoors… designed as the ideal everyday entrance point to the property, a boot room provides the perfect area for a family to decamp after school or a busy weekend…

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Humphrey Munson Paint Atelier

Top Hat

Getting the foundation elements – walls, flooring, layout – are critical to the success of a coherent and balanced interior design for any room. The paint colour chosen will undoubtedly have one of the biggest impacts on the interior design scheme so it’s essential to get this right and particularly when it comes to kitchen cabinetry –…

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Wolf Warming Drawer

A Wolf warming drawer is like all of their appliances; it’s just so much more than just a warming drawer. The large drawer is capable of warming large quantities of plates, dishes and cups when entertaining bigger groups of guests. With the flexibility of choosing a stainless steel drawer front, black glass front or to fully integrate…

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Havisham Counter Stools

Getting the island seating right is always a key consideration at the design details stage of the project, particularly as the island tends to be the central hub of the kitchen so comfortable, practical seating is an absolute must. The sleek Havisham counter stool has a classic contemporary design which lends itself perfectly to modern living. The…

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Havisham Dining Chairs

One of the challenges of designing an open plan space that includes a kitchen, dining and soft seating area is keeping a consistent flow and overall design aesthetic that works seamlessly across each of the key areas. One of the most popular additions to a Humphrey Munson project is seating: and in particular, the Havisham dining…

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The Wolf

107cm Outdoor Gas Grill

Summer is officially here so it’s the perfect time for dining outside with friends and family because everything just tastes better al fresco… The Wolf outdoor gas grill is available in a traditional stand-alone style or built in and is the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen. With a substantial amount of control and more precise cooking temperatures than a standard…

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Bespoke Kitchen Nickleby, Berkhamsted - Humphrey Munson

5 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

Both of our showrooms in Felsted and St. Albans have live, fully working kitchens installed so that clients experience what a real life Humphrey Munson kitchen feels like when they walk in. There are a few things that we consider to be must-have accessories for our kitchens so we’ve compiled a list of our favourites……

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The Breakfast Pantry

A blog post dedicated to one of the most requested elements of a Humphrey Munson kitchen – the breakfast pantry. A handy spot to keep the toaster and coffee machine and have everything you need to hand – plates, knives, spoons, cups, mugs, teas, coffees, hot chocolate – you can keep all these things in…

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Longford Pantry, Felsted - Humphrey Munson

5 reasons we love a walk in pantry

We do love a walk in pantry at H|M and if you have the space available they are a brilliant addition to the modern day kitchen. Historically, the pantry (from the latin “panna” meaning bread) was originally a small room dedicated exclusively to the storage of bread and bakery items, however, by the mid-nineteenth century it had…

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Cooking with Gaggenau

Season Cookery School at Lainston House

Situated in the stunning grounds of Lainston House, an Exclusive Hotel near Winchester, Hampshire, Season Cookery school is housed in a renovated 17th century well house and is just a stone’s throw from Lainston’s brimming kitchen garden which supplies the hotel’s kitchen and the cookery school with the very best seasonal ingredients. There are a wide…

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Wolf Bake Stone Kit

Perfect Pizza!

When it comes to pizza, t’s all about the crispy base and we have been testing out various versions of the recipe below for a while now and we think it’s pretty fantastic. We use the bake stone in the Wolf range cooker to cook the pizzas which is such a brilliant accessory for this…

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Sub-Zero French Door Over-And-Under Refrigerator / Freezer

We are so delighted that our newly refurbished Spenlow kitchen in the St. Albans showroom has the brilliant new 914mm Sub-Zero French door refrigerator/freezer. From the brand that pioneered built-in refrigeration, we love the sleek aesthetic of this model with its clean design, exceptional build quality and distinctive louvred grille. The built-in units by Sub-Zero come in…

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Cooking with Miele

Mushroom Risoni Recipe

Risoni, or orzo as it’s more commonly called in the UK, is quicker and easier to cook than rice so this recipe for mushroom risoni is perfect for a super fast alternative. We made this recipe in our Spenlow kitchen using the Miele induction hob and it took no time at all. I N G R E…

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Wolf Range Cooker

Using the Temperature Probe

One of the reasons we love to cook using the Wolf range cooker is the precision and accuracy of the temperature probe. Having family and friends over for Sunday lunch is such a lovely tradition and probably one of the best ways to spend a Sunday. It can, however, be a little stressful trying to cook…

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Aged Brass Perrin & Rowe Taps

If you’re reading this the chances are you’ve seen our kitchens either on our website, in magazines or via social media so it’s a fairly safe bet to say you’ve clocked that we love installing Perrin & Rowe taps in our sinks. We’ve talked about Perrin & Rowe taps before on the blog before here…

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Open Plan London Nickleby Kitchen - Humphrey Munson

How to order a Lacanche range cooker

If you’ve seen our kitchen projects on the website, you may have noticed a distinctive range cooker that we love to install in our projects. For over 200 years, the Lacanche range cookers  have been handcrafted in a foundry in the small village of Lacanche in the Burgundy region of France. They are revered by some of…

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Contemporary Spenlow Kitchen, Essex - Humphrey Munson

Babington Limestone Flooring

HM Stone Library

A brilliantly versatile flooring, the tumbled Babington limestone floor tiles have been one of 2016’s best sellers for the H|M Stone Library. We only source and stock the flooring that we love and there are two key requirements – it has to look absolutely stunning but it also has to have the durability and low-maintenance required to…

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