Humphrey Munson, was founded by Peter Humphrey in 1995 as a multidisciplinary design and cabinetmaking company focusing on creating kitchens and furniture for the home that offered a confident mix of classic English style and clean, contemporary lines.

The guiding principles of simplicity, symmetry, proportion and restraint in design ensure that each finished project reflects the individuality and sensibility of the clients and their original design intention. 

In the two decades plus since its founding, Humphrey Munson has created cabinetry for some of the most preeminent residential homes across the UK and the world.

Celebrated for the timeless appeal of classical English design, Humphrey Munson has become synonymous with the finest cabinetmaking and innovative design solutions that truly elevate the everyday functionality of the home. 

Today, HM is a world-renowned practice that fully integrates design, manufacturing, installation and finishing into an entirely holistic client experience.