Jamie Gibson

Butter Wouldn’t Melt

We are excited to be nearly at the installation stage of a lovely H|M kitchen project for Jamie and Lizzie Gibson. Jamie is a professional rugby player but also writes the Butter Wouldn’t Melt blog in his spare time (as well as orchestrating a full house renovation together with a few other projects… oh and he’s also a hands on father to two young boys).

During the design process we’ve spent time with Jamie and Lizzie discussing how they like to cook, live and entertain, and all these elements have been critical to the kitchen design. Separate to this, a huge focus has been on sustainability and using materials that are environmentally friendly to help the planet but also to ensure that their family home is safe for their two young boys.

Everything we do at H|M is about longevity, we are the only kitchen company in the UK to offer a lifetime guarantee on our cabinetry because we know it is built to last and stand the true test of time. If a handmade timber kitchen is designed well, it is the ultimate recyclable kitchen because in 10 years it can simply be re-painted and perhaps have new handles for a fresh look. There’s nothing about it that will need to be replaced and we really love that.

We always love to design kitchens that are going to be put to work and we know the new kitchen, prep kitchen and pantry for this project is going to be the absolute epitome of the hard-working kitchen!

“Being a rugby player means I get to spend a lot of time at home with my family.

This means more time playing with my children, exploring the great outdoors with them and cooking whatever comes to mind in the kitchen – both indoors and out.

When the rugby took off, and I found myself needing to eat lots to put on weight, I began to collect cook books and experiment in the kitchen with anything I could get my hands on” – Jamie Gibson

While the kitchen is still a little way off installation, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite recipes from Butter Wouldn’t Melt – they are all mouth-watering and this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Red pepper and tomato soup – see recipe here.

Beef stroganoff – click here for the recipe.

Portuguese Custard Tarts – recipe here.

Lemon Herb Spatchcock Chicken – see recipe here.

No churn ice cream – recipe here.

To see more of Jamie’s blog click here, do follow along on instagram here for snippets of upcoming recipes, lots of indoor and outdoor inspiration and perhaps one of the best vegetable gardens we’ve ever seen. To follow Jamie’s personal instagram with more rugby and family life thrown in, click here.

PS: one last amazing recipe – you must must must try these – triple cooked chips at home.