Gaggenau is one of those rare companies that is truly able to celebrate their authenticity. Everything they do is uncompromising, extraordinary and they strictly adhere the following design principles to all their appliances: authentic, sculptural, present and generous.

Their appliances are authentic and present in every detail. Authentic in the choice of materials, present in their design language. They only use materials that are aesthetic and durable: stainless steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, enamel and glass which means that each appliance gets a completely unique feel.

Sophisticated product design always considers the effect of the appliance in the room. A factor that is more important than ever today, as kitchens are increasingly becoming the beating heart of the home where the entire family congregates. The Gaggenau design language transforms appliances into sculptural objects, lending their products an incisive generosity.

Gaggenau launched the first steam oven for domestic use more than 15 years ago. Since then, they have maintained a leading role in this area through consistent further development. Many of the production steps involved in producing Gaggenau Combi-steam ovens in the Alsace city of Lipsheim are completed by hand. Precision and purity are the overriding priority when assembling the components made from the highest quality materials.