Every now and then a “must-have” kitchen appliance comes along and changes everything. The boiling hot water tap by Quooker is one of those products. It’s a simple, ultra-safe idea that immediately relegates the kettle to the culinary graveyard. Once you’ve used one, you can’t imagine life without one. The tap produces instant boiling water on demand at 100C and can be used for everything from making the perfect cup of tea to poaching fish and everything in between. When the recipes dictate that tomatoes be peeled, or the baby needs formula – the Quooker is there: effortless and dependable.

The Quooker COMBI is a new revolutionary combination of a boiling water tap and boiler all in one. A tank in your kitchen cupboard, connected to the cold-pipe only, that dispenses boiling water at 100C through the boiling water tap as well as hot water at 5-65C through the mixer tap. The COMBI serves two purposes: a single appliance that heats the water for both taps on your worktop. It’s the first “boiler” in the world with high-vacuum insulation. This makes it by far the most energy efficient hot water system in your kitchen.

From a design point of view, incorporating a Quooker boiling water tap into a kitchen design is an excellent way to reduce visual clutter. Modern family living in open plan kitchen / dining spaces dictates a certain level of order to maintain a calm and welcoming feel. All Quooker taps are ultra-safe – they feature a push-and-turn handle, insulated spouts that are never hot to the touch and the water is delivered in a fine spray rather than a solid jet.

Available in eight designs and in three different finishes, there is a Quooker suitable for every kitchen design – whether classic or contemporary.