Sub-Zero and Wolf are well established as the professional grade appliance brand of choice by leading chefs. Our clients adore Sub-Zero refrigeration and wine preservation appliances for their iconic design, superb performance and the impeccable service they receive from the company.

As the innovators of food preservation, Sub-Zero offers a unique ‘Air Purification’ system in their Integrated and Built-In refrigeration lines, which removes harmful gases and odours; a process that was developed initially for NASA to aid food preservation. Additionally, the Dual Compressor system, standard on all Sub-Zero fridge/freezers, is a completely unique feature to Sub-Zero. The separate compressors within the fridge and freezer sections enable each compartment to operate independently meaning that odour and flavour transference is prevented to stop your ice-cubes tasting of fish. This exclusive function prevents temperature fluctuations, saves valuable energy and is proven to keep food fresher for longer.

Built-In Refrigeration

The brand that pioneered built-in refrigeration now gives you more aesthetic and functional choices than ever. Sleek clean designs, exceptional materials and that unmistakable louvred grille. The built-in units come in many configurations and a wide variety of sizes but they all make a statement. Whether you choose the trademark stainless steel doors or custom panels to match surrounding Humphrey Munson cabinetry, Sub-Zero’s Built-in models are perfectly at home in classic or contemporary designs. Optional stainless steel panels are available for each model, to create a freestanding look.

Integrated Refrigeration

Now with Sub-Zero’s most advanced freshness features; ‘Anywhere’ refrigeration is available in more sizes than ever, designed to seamlessly merge with your kitchen. Sub-Zero integrated products have no visible grilles or hinges, making it possible for your refrigeration to be indistinguishable from other cabinets and drawers around it. Sub-Zero’s all-new Integrated refrigeration line-up addresses all three pillars of food preservation: precise temperature control, proper humidity for each type of food and air cleansed of mould, bacteria and ethylene gas.

Wine Storage

Sub-Zero wine storage is far more than just a wine chiller, employing a range of state of the art technologies to protect wine from its four enemies: light, heat, humidity and vibration  all of which can adversely effect your wine. We love the attention to detail that Sub-Zero lavish on all their products – for example, the wine preservation now has a new inventory labelling system which allows you to discreetly label the wine racks for better organisation.

Two independent storage and temperature zones, each sealed and digitally controlled, allow you to simultaneously maintain perfect cellar and serving conditions in the same unit. Microprocessor control maintains even temperatures to within one degree of your presets. The ultra-violet glass panel filters out the harmful rays that can cause premature ageing. The quiet compressor lets wines rest undisturbed, without the vibration that can harm delicate wines. Shelves glide out smoothly, providing access without agitation. The result? Perfect conditions and perfect wine.

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