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Pinterest Recipes To Try

Although we use pinterest for saving inspiring images of interior and garden design ideas, stunning architectural spaces, styling ideas etc, we also use it a lot to save pinterest recipes to try out in the future.

Beware, scrolling down can cause major hunger pangs.

Pinterest - Recipes To Try Out - Humphrey Munson Blog

The beauty of Pinterest is its simplicity, you see something you love the look of, either online or on pinterest itself, and then pin it to your own board.

Thai Beef Pad Gra - Pinterest Recipes To Try - Humphrey Munson Blog

First up is this really great looking thai basil beef pad graw prow from The Woks of Life – a group of 4 bloggers who share their latest recipes and travels. They post delicious recipes with full instructions and step by step photos. Other recipes from The Woks of Life on my list currently are recipes for Honey Banana Cake, Classic Pork Fried Rice and this Chicken Thai Salad with Lime and Peanut Dressing.

Cauliflower Gratin with Sage and Bacon - Pinterest Recipes To Try - Humphrey Munson

I think this is essentially a meal in itself rather than a side dish, it’s a cauliflower gratin with sage, garlic, bacon and a crispy, cheesy breadcrumb topping. Not strictly speaking a summer dish – but a great one for a rainy English summer evening when the temperature drops. Served with a fresh green salad and a glass of crisp chilled white wine, I think you’ve got yourself a winner. The recipe is by Feasting At Home – take a look here for more delicious recipes.

Middle Eastern Meatball with Creamy Bean Hummus and Turkish Flatbreads - Pinterest Recipes to try - Humphrey Munson Blog

The other brilliant thing about Pinterest is that people from all over the world use it so you get a really incredible mix of authentic recipes. I love the look of these recipes for middle eastern meatballs, creamy bean hummus and grain free Turkish flatbreads by Josephine Malene, a food blogger, photographer and stylist living in Denmark who can be found via the blog A Tasty Love Story.

Josephine trained in Nutrition and all her recipes are characterised by her love of super fresh and seasonal ingredients. There is a brilliant “grain free” section perfect for those who are gluten free, and you must take a look at this recipe for fish and chips as you’ve never seen it before.

Flourless Lemon and Ricotta Cake - Humphrey Munson

Perfect for afternoon tea, this Lemon and Ricotta flourless cake is made using almond flour so completely gluten free. It’s by the Australian food blogger Belle who writes the Cakelets & Doilies which has an incredible array of cake recipes.

Blackened-Fish-Tacos-with-Avocado-Cilantro-Sauce- Pinterest Recipes To Try - Humphrey Munson Blog

Host The Toast is one of my favourite food blogs that I found via Pinterest – I’ve tried this recipe for blackened fish tacos with avocado and coriander sauce and a fresh crunchy slaw and it is so so so good!  Brian, Frankie and Morgan run Host The Toast and post so many delicious inspiring recipes, it’s definitely one to bookmark.

Our recipe board on Pinterest now runs to 170+ inspiring recipes so take a look if you’re looking for further ideas, we update it regularly with fresh finds.