Q&A With Louise Gomm


Gomm Studio is an interior design company based in Wimbledon Village founded by the super talented Louise Gomm. The company works on both commercial and residential projects, working closely with their clients to create interiors that don’t just look incredible but work perfectly for their intended recipients.

Q&A With Louise Gomm | Gomm Studio

When did your love of interiors begin and what led you to become an interior designer?

From a young age, I have always been interested in textiles. This took a while to cultivate, as I initially started a career in Media. However, I found myself always coming back to design and I wanted to turn this passion into my career.

My interest truly piqued whilst doing a taster course in Interior Design. The tutor told me I had an eye for design, and this gave me the confidence to enlist on a full course at the prestigious KLC School of Design.

Q&A With Louise Gomm | GOMM STUDIO - Humphrey Munson

Once you had finished your diploma at the KLC school of design, how did you go about setting up your studio?

I initially worked for a start-up interior business in Knightsbridge as part of a property group. This taught me a huge amount about the design process, as well as some invaluable lessons about what worked for clients and what didn’t.

This helped me form strong opinions on how a successful design studio should be run, to benefit both the design process and the finished look of a project to meet the client’s wishes and taste. I set up Gomm Studio to achieve this, and initially worked with a few clients on smaller projects, before building the studio largely through reputation and word of mouth. I have found that no amount of advertising will ever be as good as a recommendation from a positive personal experience.

Q&A With Louise Gomm | GOMM STUDIO - Humphrey Munson

Can you tell us a little about what services you provide?

Gomm Studio provides a fully-managed, bespoke Interior Design service, with full involvement from start to finish as well as project management.

We are especially focused on getting to know the client initially so we can understand their specific requirements, and therefore deliver a project fully suited to each individual.

We continue to be pleased to hear from our clients how valuable hiring a designer was for their project. Our service not only delivers an interior that reflects the personalities of those living in it, but also takes away much of the stress and time-consuming nature that the projects inevitably bring. Clients find this invaluable.

Q&A With Louise Gomm | GOMM STUDIO - Humphrey Munson Blog

Working on projects overseas must present a unique set of challenges. Can you tell us more about these projects and how you manage them from your studio in London?

We are currently working on a new-build Beach House on Kiawah Island, South Carolina in the US. Despite the distance, we have made various trips to the island where we have developed strong relationships with all parties involved, and we stay very much on top of each stage of the build. These have helped a smooth process and we have been able to source much of the materials during these trips.

It helps that this client is based in London, so we can have regular updates face-to-face, but this is by no means a necessity. Our experience with projects all over the world means we have established contacts in many locations ready for any future projects.

Q&A With Louise Gomm | GOMM STUDIO - Humphrey Munson Blog

We love your design aesthetic and that you put the client at the heart of the design process, what’s your favourite part of working with clients on interior design projects?

We love meeting a variety of people from different backgrounds and with different needs and interests. This spurs the creative side of the business so that each project is truly unique. This continues to be exciting with each new project.

The initial concept stage is always one of our favourite, as we get to know the client and what they are looking to achieve from the project. We also love the opportunity to show how we go away and interpret this, and produce a bespoke design to match the client’s wishes. In many cases we start from a single idea; for example a painting they love, a place they love to visit, or a pattern that they simply couldn’t do without.

We then build from this and expand into a flow throughout the interior. Clients often know they like one thing, and also know what they don’t like, but struggle to describe how they see the whole project looking. This is where we come in, and we love to help draw out their thoughts and use them to create a holistic and exciting design.

Q&A With Louise Gomm | GOMM STUDIO - Humphrey Munson Blog

We’d love to know more about how you work with commercial clients like Liberty of London and Global Fashion Group?

Commercial clients often approach projects very differently to private clients. The challenge for us is often how to showcase their brand through the interior and create an enjoyable working space that combines function with aesthetic.

This can be more creative as we can regularly start with a blank canvas; say an empty floor of a building in which the client wishes to create a mixed-use office space. Linking this with the brand and the clients who will visit is always at the heart of these projects.

Q&A With Louise Gomm | GOMM STUDIO - Humphrey Munson Blog

With an expanding team this feels like a really exciting time for Gomm studio, what’s next for 2019?

2019 promises to be very exciting. We will be expanding our team whilst focusing on fewer, larger projects. With some potential projects in the pipeline both in the UK and abroad, we will certainly be kept on our toes!

We will continue to develop our brand and with this will come a new website. We are also looking forward to getting photos up which will showcase our recent projects such as those in Wimbledon Village and Mayfair. Furthermore, we look forward to solidifying relationships with existing suppliers and creating some truly unique and special spaces.

For more information visit Gomm Studio’s website here.

Images: Glenn Dearing