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Suzann Bozorgi Interiors

Instagram is fast becoming our favourite social media platform of the moment because it is absolutely crammed full of incredible inspiring interior design projects. One of our favourite instagram accounts that we follow is by Suzann Bozorgi, an interior designer based in London.

Suzann is the founder of Suzann Bozorgi Interior Design, a design and build co-ordination practice specialising in luxury residential interiors for private clients and developers in London and across the UK. Rather unusually for a design practice, after studying at the Chelsea College of Art, Suzann’s first solo efforts were commercial projects including small restaurants and bars in London.

Suzann Bozorgi - Commerical - 1

Suzann Bozorgi - Commerical - 3

For most designers, their first few projects are all about finding their feet, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and adjusting their business accordingly. For Suzann, it looks like she jumped and started running straight away. Her first project, VOC bar in London’s Kings Cross, was voted as one of the most stylish bars in London by The Telegraph. Described as a “dark wood, brass and glass homage to the 17th century punch house”, this stunning design project matched the brief perfectly and shows off Suzann’s expert attention to detail.

Suzann Bozorgi - Commerical - 2

Adding residential projects to her now burgeoning workload, Suzann’s natural flair for design and space planning means her portfolio now includes projects like this stunning Clapham home.

Suzann Bozorgi - Clapham Project - 2

Suzann Bozorgi - Clapham Project - 3

Suzann Bozorgi - Clapham Project - 1

Suzann Bozorgi - Clapham Project - 4

It’s always really fascinating to see the real life homes of designers – kind of like the ultimate behind the scenes. Suzann kindly shared these images of her London home which is a stunning classic contemporary space that looks super stylish but also really welcoming and comfortable.

Suzann Bozorgi - London Home 3

Suzann Bozorgi - London Home 1

Suzann Bozorgi - London Home 4

Suzann Bozorgi - London Home 2

For a daily dose of interior design inspiration and to see glimpses of Suzann’s life and work, follow her on instagram or take a look at more of her work on her website.