Humphrey Munson - Design Process

The Design Process

at Humphrey Munson

We design, manufacture and install / hand-paint kitchens all across the UK and although for us the starting point is the design process, for our clients this process will have started months, maybe years before.

The lead time for thinking about the planning of a kitchen is the longest of any room in the home and it’s not uncommon for clients to mention they’ve been researching and thinking about the kitchen for the longest time – often following Humphrey Munson for months on end via instagram and pinterest, drawing inspiration from each new project we photograph and release.

When it comes to designing kitchens, every aspect of the training of our design team comes from Peter Humphrey, the founder of Humphrey Munson. Every nuance of the design process originates from Peter and his intuitive, instinctive and natural aptitude and skill for designing bespoke cabinetry for any room – whether that’s a kitchen or a dressing room.

We deliberately only hire designers who have academic and practical experience of design and architecture (never kitchen design) and who understand it’s just as important to be organised, diligent and proactive as it is to be creative.

The result is a dynamic, talented and hard-working team of designers who work with Peter Humphrey, and Louisa Eggleston, the Creative Director, to ensure that all clients receive the same consistently excellent service that Humphrey Munson is known for.

In terms of how we work in the first instance, you may have seen this on the website already but we work on an appointment only basis in both of our showrooms. This ensures that our clients have the privacy, time and space to discuss their projects without the distractions of others popping in and out of the showrooms.

To make an appointment for a design consultation at either of our showrooms in St. Albans, Hertfordshire or Felsted, Essex, you can either call us on 01371 821300 or email


We usually suggest that customers come to see us at a showroom for the design consultation, but if you’re based some way away, we can set up an appointment to arrange the design consultation over the telephone instead. Either way, this first meeting is a great opportunity to discuss your ideas and what the possibilities are in terms of turning those ideas into reality.

With every kitchen project we work on, we want to create a dream kitchen that suits the scale and proportion of the room perfectly, but also suits the needs of the homeowners. It has to look good, but it has to work perfectly – that is future-proofing at its simplest and most sensible.

We love what we do at Humphrey Munson and are looking forward to all the upcoming projects in 2019.

Images 1-3 – Victorian family home project in Hertforshire, kitchen design by Humphrey Munson, interior design by Cherie Lee Interiors.