Sub-Zero & Wolf

We are so excited that Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove, the industry leaders in premium refrigeration, cooking equipment and dishwashing, will tonight unveil new innovations across multiple product categories at their biggest launch party yet, at The Bike Shed in Hoxton.

Adding to the brand’s portfolio are a series of product introductions and enhanced features that offer greater control, flexibility and performance in the kitchen than ever before.

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to kitchen appliances,” said Jim Bakke, president and CEO of Sub-Zero Group, Inc. “Our latest innovations demonstrate our commitment to purposeful design through versatile appliances that transform to the individual needs of the cook and ultimately deliver optimal cooking & cooling results.”

At the 2019 New Kind of Cool event, Sub-Zero & Wolf will showcase a range of new products that we are so looking forward to seeing:

SUB-ZERO PRO 36″ (914mm)

PRO refrigeration, Sub-Zero’s boldest, most iconic design, is now available in 36 inches (914mm) offering new design opportunities for small and large kitchens alike. The only thing more impressive than the PRO series’ bold exterior is the ground breaking technology found inside.

To keep food fresher longer, the next-generation PRO series is fitted with the most advanced food preservation system. Crafted with stainless steel inside and out, it provides a luxurious, professional aesthetic.

New enhanced soft-on LED lighting illuminates the cavity, a sliding glass shelf offers greater storage flexibility and a stainless steel interior offers a more luxurious look.

Dual refrigeration and a NASA developed air purification system delivers advanced food preservation only found in Sub-Zero refrigeration. Of course no Sub-Zero would be complete without their advanced water filtration system and automatic ice maker. Ever energy conscious, even the biggest Sub-Zero uses less than a 75-watt lightbulb.


We love our outdoor kitchen in our Felsted showroom and nearly all the outdoor kitchens we install feature the iconic Wolf BBQ.  Now available in four widths, the gas Wolf BBQ provides more design flexibility that ever before and with refrigeration drawers and warming drawers now available for outdoor kitchens we can’t wait to see the new wave of outdoor kitchens featuring these appliances.


This is one of the areas we’ve been really looking forward to seeing – a sneak preview of the next series of products available from Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances including a coffee machine, multi-function cooker and stand mixer.

Stand Mixer – mix birthday cake batter, knead brioche dough, whip up meringues and soufflés – that’s just the beginning with the Wolf Gourmet high-performance stand mixer. The robust motor and gearing system maintain constant speed and power even while mixing heavy doughs, while the professional-grade bowl has over 6L of capacity and can mix 3.6kg of dough at a time. Unique design features, like the proprietary bowl lift and simplified mixing attachment area, offer a truly seamless mixing experience from start to finish.

Coffee Machine – the Wolf Gourmet programmable coffee maker brews a superior-tasting cup using the optimal temperature, time, and extraction method. An integrated grounds scale lets you know exactly how much coffee to add for your preferred strength, so you can recreate your favourite cup of coffee again and again.

Multi-Function Cooker – you can slow cook a casserole, sear a steak, sous vide a fish fillet and much, much more, all using the same versatile appliance. The Wolf Gourmet Multi-Function Cooker has five different modes dedicated to slow cooking, along with specialised functions for sauté/sear, sous vide, and rice.

With so many customisable and intelligent features, there’s no shortage of ways to use this multi-purpose appliance to your advantage. Pre-program your dish to cook on two different temperatures, or program your meal to be ready exactly when you want to serve it. Another special setting ensures you’ll never overcook a piece of meat again; it will cook your food to the exact temperature you specify using an included temperature probe, making for fall-off-the-bone ribs and mouth-watering slow roast lamb shanks. You can also use the included stainless steel vessel just like a Dutch oven, both on the cooktop and in the oven.

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