Ballet Barre Classes with Tierney Heap

English dancer Tierney Heap is a First Soloist of The Royal Ballet. She trained at The Royal Ballet Upper School and graduated into the Company in 2012, promoted to First Artist in 2016 and to Soloist later that year. She was promoted to First Soloist in 2018. She had just returned to the stage a few weeks ago after injury in the spectacular Dances at a Gathering before COVID-19 closed down the Royal Opera House.

As most dancers are now off work while the ballet schools are closed, Tierney decided to do a ballet barre class for her little sister, but has now opted to open up the class live on Instagram for anyone who wants to join in.

The dancers at the Royal Ballet usually start their company classes at 10:30am so there will be a Ballet Barre Class with Tierney live on Instagram on Monday-Friday next week at 10:30am. You can join the class by following Tierney on instagram @tierneyheap.

While the Royal Opera House is closed, they are offering a free programme of curated online broadcasts, musical masterclasses and cultural insights – click here for more information.