Wolf Built In M Series Contemporary vs Transitional Oven

Navigating the different appliances available can be a little daunting with many options to consider. For built in ovens, we love the precision, functionality and aesthetics of the Wolf ovens. In our Felsted showroom we have the M Series Professional ovens on display and we just love to use this kitchen so you’ll often see this on instagram stories if we’ve been recipe testing or cooking for our workshop (they are seriously big ovens capable of mass catering thank goodness!).

For more information on the M Series Professional ovens take a look here.

As we don’t have room to display all the M Series ovens, we thought it would be helpful to set out the difference between the contemporary and transitional ranges available also in the 76cm size as something we get asked in design meetings is ‘just what is the difference between the contemporary and transitional Wolf ovens?’

Just like the M Series Professional built in oven, BOTH the M Series Contemporary and Transitional ovens feature the Dual VertiCross™ system which is the most advanced dual convection ever, quickly filling the oven cavity with the perfect consistent heat across all racks.

All cooking modes are precise and intuitive, to ensure that the meal you bring to the table is as delicious as possible. Gourmet presets mean you can cook pretty much any dish with the oven automatically controlling the cooking time.

In this Holland Park Project, you can see two of the Wolf 762mm M Series Built In Contemporary Single Ovens which are sleek, super cool and minimalist thanks to the handle-less design, black glass and colour LCD touch panel.

So with the same technology inside all three designs (professional, contemporary and transitional), the main difference is therefore in the appearance…

Above: Wolf 76cm M Series Contemporary Single Oven with Black Glass.

This model has a door entirely finished in black glass for a sleek, glossy feel, it’s handle-less so feels super minimalist and has a colour LCD touch panel.

Above: Wolf 76cm M Series Transitional Single Oven

The transitional built in ovens have stainless steel frames with black glass doors, robust tubular handles and come with a full colour LCD touch panel display. This is a classic design that will work seamlessly with any kitchen design.

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