Natural Stone Flooring

All natural stone floor tiles supplied by HM Flooring Library are subject to inherent and geological variations and all stone samples, photos and descriptions only offer an indication of the natural variation of a stone.

Manoir Limestone Tumbled - Humphrey Munson Stone Library

Natural stone is the product of the natural environment. Therefore you must accept the variations in marking, colour, pattern, texture and veining. These differences and variations in stone should be considered as the beauty of natural stone.

Below is a guide to the different stone finishes and what you need to know:


The etched finish is created by sand blasting which makes the stone surface less slippery, gives a softer more muted finish and is particularly appropriate for harder stones that are used outside and pool surrounds. The overall look of etched limestone is sleek and smart.


The honed finish is created by a high-speed mechanical action that leaves the surface smooth and flat. The overall finish achieved can vary from glossy to matt depending on the density of the stone.


The most popular finish for our natural stone – a tumbled limestone has softly rounded edges. The exposed surface grain of tumbled limestone is created by a mechanical process that recreates the effect of action of the sea on beach pebbles.

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