How We Work

At the heart of every project is a collaborative working relationship based on trust and confidence. It is all about us listening to your wishes, your practical considerations, your desired aesthetic and translating that brief into a beautiful handmade kitchen.

We design, manufacture and install cabinetry in all rooms in the home, not just kitchens. We have a holistic approach to our design projects, so if we can assist clients with further aspects of the interior design and specification of fixtures, furniture and accessories we will very happily do so.

Our design values of symmetry, proportion and simplicity inform each of our projects but so does the personality and character of the home and the people living there. If you look at our portfolio of previous work, you’ll see these themes of symmetry, proportion and simplicity underpinning each space we design but the personality of the homeowners and the heritage of their homes is what shines through. 

As an owner-led business, Humphrey Munson is able to control the quality of its product and service thanks to the diligence and dedication of Peter Humphrey. We work on a certain number of projects a year because we choose quality over quantity. With a particular focus on the translation of the project from design into production and then into installation, Peter Humphrey is renowned in the industry for his exacting standards. 

“At HM we are small but mighty. Excellence in all we do is what drives myself and my team forward.  Consistency is key in every stage of the process, and each project must be the best it possibly can. It is as simple and complicated as that”.

Peter Humphrey, Design Director & Founder


DESIGN – The design stage varies depending on the scope of the project; for new builds and large scale renovations there can be many months in design, but for quicker projects where an existing kitchen is being replaced the design stage is much shorter. The design stage includes the initial consultation, design concept presentation meeting and detailed revision meetings. We always like to visit projects once the preliminary design work has been completed and we have a good working concept for the design and functionality of the kitchen (and other rooms). 

PRODUCTION – Our lead time for project manufacturing is typically 12 weeks from a successful production survey to gather full and final dimensions for production.

INSTALLATION & FINISHING – The installation of a kitchen will take approximately 4 weeks. For each additional room, we suggest allowing an additional week, however, this does vary so the predicted installation period will be given by the Project Management team once they have reviewed the project.


In terms of pricing, each project varies hugely due to the bespoke nature of what we do. We can provide outline estimates to clients before progressing with design work which gives an indication of pricing for the cabinetry, worktops, installation and finishing. This would be based on dimensioned drawings supplied to us and is always a helpful part of the process when clients are at the early stages of a project.

Please note there is no charge for the estimate service. If you’d like to get in touch about a project please email us or call us on +44 (0) 1371 821300.

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