Who We Are

Humphrey Munson is a multidisciplinary design, manufacturing and installation practice based in Essex, England with a second showroom in London. The Humphrey Munson style blends classic craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities, resulting in homes that outwardly exude a timeless elegance but are designed for modern living.

With an innate ability to capture the soul and essence of the home, Humphrey Munson projects are characterised by intelligent design, layered finishes, thoughtfully chosen materials, and exceptional attention to detail. Our designs evoke a sense of nostalgia, harking back to a bygone era of traditional values while maintaining a fresh, pin sharp finish.

Our history

Founded by Peter Humphrey in 1995, the name ‘Humphrey Munson’ is partly derived from Joseph Munson, Peter’s great-great grandfather – a master cabinetmaker in London’s East End.


Humphrey Munson is able to control the quality of its product and service thanks to the diligence and dedication of Peter Humphrey, an industry leader renowned for his exacting standards.  


To lead the way in luxury cabinetmaking we continually improve every aspect of our work with the goal of being better tomorrow than we are today. If it carries our name, it carries our word.


Humphrey munson leads the way in english design and cabinetmaking

We pride ourselves on crafting exquisite handmade kitchens and cabinetry for other rooms in the home. With our expertise in design, cabinetmaking and installation, we believe in future-proofing both in terms of design and quality.

We take an innovative approach to the traditional kitchen cabinet design and manufacture process, drawing upon our heritage to influence the joinery methods and using only the best materials, informed design and finest craftsmanship.

We deliver the best possible service to our clients throughout the design, manufacturing and installing our projects with an unwavering sense of responsibility and dedication by the entire HM team.

Lifetime Guarantee

Renowned for exceptional service at every stage of the design, manufacture and installation process, the HM team work tirelessly to ensure that each customer receives the very best experience. To ensure our high standards are maintained throughout the installation, we do not sub-contract any aspect of the fitting or finishing work carried out on-site.

Due to the exceptionally high standard of craftsmanship, all HM cabinetry is supplied with a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship in manufacturing and installation.


We design kitchens and other spaces for living in, not just looking at. This is the hardest working and most important room in the home; it’s the hub around which daily life revolves. Unlike other rooms in the home, the kitchen bears witness to the highs and lows of family life not just the daily ritual of preparing and cooking food. If you think about it, everything happens in the kitchen – and everyone knows that is where the party is.

Designing a kitchen with Humphrey Munson is a partnership that we take very seriously, this is a space that needs to be functional first and foremost but it should reflect your personal style. We love that our portfolio of work reflects the individuality of our clients and their homes. We bring to the table years of experience in design, making and installing projects and our clients bring their thoughts, vision, ideas and aesthetics – sometimes this is clear cut, sometimes this evolves. Together, our goal is to create the best possible project.


We’re proud to design and manufacture all our kitchens at our workshop in Felsted where the traditional joinery of the past meets the technical innovation of the present.

We employ only the finest cabinetmakers whose passion for their craft is proudly displayed in each beautiful handmade kitchen. As well as kitchens, we also design, manufacture and install cabinetry throughout the rest of the home including walk in pantries, utility rooms, boot rooms, dining room cabinetry and dressing rooms, as well as architectural elements such as wall panelling, skirting and architraves.

In order to offer a truly bespoke kitchen design service, we provide a curated selection of accent woods, worktops and hardware along with our own paint range produced exclusively for Humphrey Munson by Mylands.

Online shop

Nothing adds more warmth and personality to a home than beautifully designed furniture and accessories you love. All handmade at our workshops in Felsted, Essex, we ship worldwide.


The portfolio of Humphrey Munson projects includes kitchens and other rooms designed for homes in town and country, each with their own individual aesthetic.

Get in touch

We work on projects across the UK and the world. If you have a project you’d like to discuss with the design team, please get in touch below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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