Olive Tree

£980.00 (includes VAT, excludes delivery)

Tree size: 168cm height x 60cm diameter x overall height with basket 197cm

Basket size: 47cm basket diameter x 47cm height


Bringing a subtle sense of mediterranean calm to a quiet corner, or pared with other elements as a statement, this vibrant, multi-stem artificial olive tree is the perfect addition to any room in the home.

The realistic, fine detailed appearance of the tree, set within a woven wicker basket, truly invokes the feeling of slow paced, warm days without the worry of the maintenance that comes with a real tree.


This product is available worldwide, however charges apply.

The tree comes with a custom stand, bark and wicker basket with a handle each side. Minimum assembly is required upon delivery. Whilst this is an artificial plant, please allow for slight variations in the overall dimensions.

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