Seer Green Project

Sitting Room

There is such value and vitality in scale and proportion of furniture; here the media cabinetry designed, made, installed and finished by Humphrey Munson is enormous by anyone’s standard but in the room, it’s spot on.

Project Specification


Cabinetry design



Pip knobs

Hardware Finish

Dark bronze waxed

Internal MEDIA Unit Cabinetry

Berkeley oak

Paint Finishes


Half Windsor

External MEDIA Unit Cabinetry

Half Windsor

A made-to-measure home

Other rooms in this project

It takes time to design, manufacture and install an HM project and this one included a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, utility room and boot room. Spending time with our clients during the design phase is essential, so we really get to know their preferred aesthetic, and what they want to achieve with the project. Function is always key but we approach the design holistically so that we can look at the project as a whole and ensure the perfect layering of colours, materials and textures.


dining room

utility Room


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The guiding principles of simplicity, symmetry, proportion and restraint in design ensure that each finished Humphrey Munson project reflects the individuality and sensibility of the clients and their original design intention. 

In the two decades plus since its founding, Humphrey Munson has created cabinetry for some of the most preeminent residential homes across the UK and the world.

Celebrated for the timeless appeal of classical English design, Humphrey Munson has become synonymous with the finest cabinetmaking for the home.

Why Humphrey Munson

We’re proud to design and manufacture all our kitchens at our workshop in Felsted where the traditional joinery of the past meets the technical innovation of the present. We employ only the finest cabinetmakers whose passion for their craft is proudly displayed in each beautiful handmade kitchen. As well as kitchens, we also design, manufacture and install cabinetry throughout the rest of the home. In order to offer a truly bespoke kitchen design service, we provide a curated selection of accent woods, worktops and hardware along with our own paint range produced exclusively for Humphrey Munson by Mylands.