The Wolf | 107cm Outdoor Gas Grill


Summer is officially here so it’s the perfect time for dining outside with friends and family because everything just tastes better al fresco…

The Wolf outdoor gas grill is available in a traditional stand-alone style or built in and is the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen. With a substantial amount of control and more precise cooking temperatures than a standard barbecue, the Wolf outdoor gas grill is simple and easy to use.

Whether you are feeding a crowd with a huge joint of beef or looking to spice up your summer salad with chargrilled peppers and asparagus, the Wolf gas barbecue will not disappoint. It’s impossible not to love the outdoor Wolf’s iconic look with a familiar yet new style designed for superior outdoor living.

Here’s what you need to know…

Three individually contained grill burners provide accurate and independent heat control for more predictable cooking results which allows for cooking a steak on a searing high heat whilst side dishes like vegetables can be grilled on a lower heat nearby.

The Wolf outdoor gas grill comes with an infrared two position rotisserie system as standard which is the perfect tool for cooking a whole chicken or other large joints of meat up to 25lb in weight.

The Wolf outdoor gas grill also has a powerful and effective infrared sear zone that heats up to 25,000 BTU – British Thermal Units – which is an incredibly high intensity direct heat that is perfectly suited for searing meat to seal in all the delicious juices and flavour plus you get those satisfying grill marks which is part of the charm in owning a barbecue. To use the sear zone all you need to do is remove the section on the right side of the grill and replace with a flat plate attachment that comes with the appliance.

Ceramic briquettes allow for two types of heat for more thorough grilling. Direct and radiant heat from the ceramic briquettes give you control for everything from a seared steak to grilled fruit or fish.

Cleaning the Wolf outdoor gas grill is easy. To clean the grill for example, you simply turn up the heat, shut the hood for 10-12 mins and most cooking residue should burn off.

The drip tray underneath also catches most of the excess oils when you cook and is super easy to clean too. Just wait for it to cool, slide it out from underneath the grill and clean.

Built with the most superior quality materials, all Wolf products are built to last the test of time with a minimum of 20 years life expectancy under much heavier use than any domestic household will ever subject them to. To ensure maximum reliability for consumers, a team of engineers have rigorously stress-tested the Wolf outdoor gas grill under controlled conditions that simulate years of use, ensuring longevity of this magnificent outdoor appliance.

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