Summer Grilling | The Best Alfresco Recipes


Summer is truly the season of the barbecue in which we seize every opportunity to entertain family and friends outdoors. To celebrate this wondrous season and the mighty Wolf outdoor gas grill we have combined all of our favourite barbecue recipes for you to try at home.

Beef is versatile and hands down delicious when cooked on a barbecue. The Smokey flavours lend so well to the versatile meat especially when eaten with a fresh zingy salad. For a quick and easy crowd pleasing meal we love this steak marinade recipe by Root & Revel.

Swordfish may not necessarily be on your hit list of summer barbecue meals but it really should be. Unlike most fish, when grilled a swordfish steak will hold together and can be marinated beforehand. These swordfish kebobs with garlic yoghurt sauce via A Thought for Food sound absolutely incredible.

Another pescatarian delight to try are these spicy lime prawns which when threaded onto a skewer cook to perfection quickly and can be served with a creamy dip like this one by The Recipe Critic.

Whether you are a vegetarian or looking to cut down on meat and fish this summer, there are so many incredible alternative dishes you can make using a barbecue. Grilled corn with Sriracha aioli is one of them. Corn is sensational when cooked on the barbecue but when combined with this aioli recipe by Minimalist Baker it becomes something different altogether.

Jamaican jerk grilled eggplant is on our must try list because this greatly under valued vegetable is well worth cooking. Its subtle flavour gives way for all the spices you can think to smother it in. It cooks wonderfully on hot grills or on a barbecue and can be served with rice, and a sauce like this one by the Minimalist Baker.

As a nation of avocado lovers we are always finding new and inventive ways to use them. Grilled avocado however takes a simple salad to a whole new level and this recipe by Matt Moran is quite frankly ground breaking by avocado standards.

Some fruits are also incredible when grilled as the cooking process brings out flavours you didn’t quite know existed and grilled peaches and nectarines are the perfect companion for cheese as an aperitif or served with vanilla ice ream for a summer dessert. This recipe by What’s Gaby Cooking is perfect for the end of an alfresco meal.

Alternatively If you don’t like peaches but have an abundance of pineapple this season then you are in luck as barbecued pineapple can be served a number of ways with coconut ice cream, simply caramelised with brown sugar and cinnamon or you can try a more adult version like this recipe by Miss Allies Kitchen.

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