15 design ideas for a stylish and functional utility room


The humble utility room is the unsung hero of the family home. A space where chores are done – washing, drying, ironing, cleaning, sorting out, flower arranging – the list goes on. Today at HM, the functionality of the utility room is key to the success of the design of the ground floor.

Here we share some of the ideas we’ve collected over the years to create a really stylish and functional utility room…

Include a sink – this is fairly obvious – but we love to see a butler sink in a utility room for a really classic English look and feel. If the sink is going in front of the window, make sure it’s central!

Countertop space for sorting and folding laundry is essential. The clients at the Surrey project have plenty of space which is a huge bonus and really makes this a super functional space.

If the sink area isn’t under a window, maximise the wall space above with open shelving. Butt and bead panelling helps to add interest to this design at the Surrey Hills project too.

If space allows, raise the height of the appliances so you’re not bending down all the time moving laundry from one to the other. While this is a great idea and so practical, it isn’t always possible and must be led by the overall design.

Cupboards with adjustable shelves inside are so practical in a utility room where you might have more irregular shaped items. store. Drawers are useful but add cost so think about what you need to store and design accordingly.

If you have lots of tall storage, break it up with a bench seat to make it feel less dense.

If the boiler is in the utility room, hide it away behind a countertop cupboard like this one in the Hertfordshire project.

Add a rinse to the tap – this is so useful when you have an awkward shaped vase to fill or football boots to rinse off.

For extra high cabinetry installed in a laundry room, add a ladder and rail system to reach the upper cupboards.

A hanging rail incorporated into a shelf is useful for hanging laundry as it is being ironed.

A housekeeping cupboard ensures all the hardworking things you need – vacuum, ironing board etc, are easily accessed but tucked away out of site.

A thermostatically controlled drying cupboard can be installed to dry things that cannot go into the tumble dryer.

For a really traditional country house look and feel, install a laundry maid that be hung up out of the way.

We really only recommend Miele washing machines and tumble dryers. The longevity, ease of use and low maintenance all ensure customer satisfaction in the long run.

Lastly, for a small space, plan it carefully to ensure every last drop of storage is utilised. We managed to fit in a bank of 4 drawers between the appliances and the sink run, and also added in some artisan shelves in the corner to provide a little bit more open storage.

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