5 Must Have Kitchen Accessories


Both of our showrooms in Felsted and St. Albans have live, fully working kitchens installed so that clients experience what a real life Humphrey Munson kitchen feels like when they walk in. There are a few things that we consider to be must-have accessories for our kitchens so we’ve compiled a list of our favourites…

1. Q U O O K E R  H O T  W A T E R  T A P

The Quooker hot water tap is a modern-day kitchen must-have and is the number one thing we cannot live without at HM. We particularly love the Quooker classic in the polished Nickel finish which is a special finish bespoke to HM. The brilliance of a hot water tap is that it immediately dispenses boiling water, sits on the worktop next to your tap and is safe and easy to use. The standard PRO3 tank which is fitted in the cupboard underneath your worktop holds 3 litres of water, compared to 1 litre in a standard kettle thus allowing a tidier worktop space as visual clutter is reduced. One thing we are often asked is how safe is the tap? Well, the answer is very safe. The Quooker is built with a child-safe handle and insulated sides that ensures it never feels hot to the touch and the flow of water is a fine spray rather than a solid jet which allows plenty of time to get your hand out of the way which reduces the risk of serious burns. The overall design has been thought through for everyday life and the head of the tap is height adjustable so that large pans can easily fit underneath which is perfect when you need to boil a large pan of pasta quickly. 2. K I T C H E N  A I D  M I X E R

For us a KitchenAid stand mixer is simply a must have because of its reliability and ease of use. The elegant easy-to-clean design also makes it the perfect addition to the kitchen and has the ability to prepare small and large quantities of food with no power loss. The sturdy design is built to stand the test of time and its overall look has been kept simple over the years so as not to detract from its simple brilliance. It is the perfect workhorse for a busy family home. Whether you are kneading bread, whisking eggs or experimenting a new culinary creation this incredible mixer won’t let you down

A brief history: Kitchen Aid began in 1919 when an Ohio engineer Herbert Johnson invented the ‘H5’ which was a household eggbeater. The name however was accidental, when one of the directors wives had been testing the product she said ‘ I don’t care what you call it, it’s the best kitchen aid i’ve ever had!’

3.  D U A L I T  T O A S T E R

Toast just got a whole lot better. The 4 slot NewGen toaster by Dualit is a real kitchen gem. Each toaster is hand built in the UK and the assemblers name can be found on the base plate. Also, the unique patented ProHeat elements are exclusive to Dualit and the elements have a protective armour plated layer covering the filament making them virtually unbreakable. With defrost and bagel settings as well as Dualit’s classic styling, mechanical timer and ejector lever. The selector control allows you to heat one, two, three or all four slots meaning you use less energy but still get your perfect piece of toast. The toasters come in a selection of sizes and finishes but our favourite has to be the 4 slot in polished finish.

A brief History: Dualit first began in the 1940’s when inventor Max Gort-Barten bought a factory in Camberwell after serving in WWII. Max’s original idea was a heater with a dual function element and light named the ‘Dual light heater’ but his first successful product was the flip sided toaster which was patented in 1946. Since then Dualit has grown in popularity not only in the UK but around the world and has a substantial range of household products.

4.  P L U M  &  A S H B Y  P R O D U C T S

We adore Plum & Ashby’s simple but beautifully made products, and something you are almost guaranteed to see when visiting our showrooms is a bottle of Plum & Ashby’s seaweed and samphire hand & body wash and lotion. Made in England, their luxury products are delightful and the smell of the Seaweed & Samphire is a nostalgic reminder of days by the coast. Plus, the lotion leaves your hands feeling moisturised and nurtured long after you have used it. Plum & Ashby quite simple produces beautifully made luxury British products and we thoroughly recommend visiting their website.

A brief history: Vicky White founded Plum & Ashby in early 2013 after she was unable to find the suitable items to fill her country home. Vicky thought that if she was unable to find the right furnishings and accessories then there must be other people wth the same issue. Now, 4 years and many successes later, Plum & Ashby is now based in Buckinghamshire and has gone from strength to strength and Bertie, Vicky’s adorable terrier has become the unofficial mascot that has been the inspiration behind many of the products.

5. J O H N  J U L I A N  T A B L E W A R E

Longford Pantry, Felsted - Humphrey Munson
We love using this simple and exquisite porcelain tableware by John Julian. Not only is it beautiful but is extremely versatile and durable. Each piece is handcrafted in their artisan workshop in Wiltshire, almost all of their products are made from Porcelain and their strength comes from firing it at an extremely high temperature which makes each piece suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Being handmade there will sometimes be a slight be variation in size and colour which we think is part of the charm! To see the full range of products visit their website.

A brief history: Julian Sainsbury set up his own artisan workshop in 2013 after losing patience with the restrictions of conventional mass manufacturing. His ceramic products are produced using two different methods, some are made by hand on the jolley machine which pushes forms of clay into a spinning mould and while still damp is then turned out and smoothed off with a knife and sponge. The other products are hand thrown on a potters wheel.

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