5 ways to avoid ruining your new engineered oak flooring


Growing in popularity, engineered oak flooring is the perfect choice for those looking to bring a natural classic look to a room without the worry of maintaining a solid timber floor. At HM Flooring Library we believe in balancing beauty with functionality; it is so important to ensure longevity with whatever flooring you choose.

Maintaining an engineered oak floor is easy when you know how and there are pitfalls you can easily avoid. Below are 5 ways to avoid ruining your new engineered oak flooring.

All of the engineered oak flooring from HM Flooring Library have a matt UV oiled finish – sleek, refined, slightly silky to the eye, whilst keeping the emphasis on the natural grains in the engineered oak. The finish is ideal to help disguise minor imperfections caused by wear and tear over a long period of time. UV oiled oak means the oak has been exposed to a high capacity of UV lights which cures the oil quickly and efficiently; this makes it a stronger surface finish in comparison to a natural oil. To maintain and repair a UV oil finished floor just wipe a maintenance oil across it with a soft, dry cotton cloth; we recommend the Osmo Maintenance Oil.

Engineered oak is extremely durable but keeping your floor as free as possible of loose dust and grit is important. Over time, general wear from foot traffic may cause small marks and dents.

1. The first, simple step to keeping the floor maintained is regular, lightweight vacuuming with a soft brush head. It might seem simple, but sometimes, less is more.

For a quick, light clean, a microfibre flat mop is ideal for removing most of the dust that will collect on the floor (especially where furry four-legged friends are involved!). When cleaning, where possible, brush / wipe along the length of the boards – this will help to minimise snagging and damage to the finish in the long term.

2. It’s also important to mop your floors once a week or more depending on traffic.

Always making sure that the mop is slightly damp rather than wet and using a recommended cleaner, rather than just water alone.

3. It sounds obvious, but any food and liquid spills need to be cleaned immediately with a slightly damp towel.

Wherever possible, do not leave spillages to sit for long periods of time. If you do have a disaster, try Osmo Intensive cleaner but never use it undiluted!

4. For regular washing of the floors it’s best to use a specialist product rather than a supermarket option.

When it comes to cleaning, we strongly recommend using specialist products for engineered oak. OSMO Wash and Care, for example, is a PH-neutral, non-abrasive and eco-friendly cleaning product that leaves no dulling residue and is ideal for matt UV oiled floors. Always use the correct dosage specified, more product does not make the floor cleaner.

5. Never use a steam cleaner on a wooden floor!

As tempting as it is, steam cleaners are not suitable and can permanently damage not just the finish, but the underlying timber. We DO NOT recommend using cleaners that aren’t PH neutral as they can permanently damage the oak. Avoid all of the following substances, as they can strip the sealant out of the oak which can cause further issues at a later date:

– Steam cleaners

– Ammonia and other harsh cleaning agents

– Vinegar or soap-based cleansers

– Steel wool brushes

– Really wet mops

For samples, please visit our website, or for more information contact us via email at info@hmflooringlibrary.co.uk or call us on 01371 821300. Please note that each sample purchased is deducted from any order placed. Quantity-based and Trade discounts are also available. As tempting as it is, steam cleaners are not suitable and can permanently damage not just the finish, but the underlying timber.

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