6 Amazing Healthy Pasta Alternatives


On a cold, damp winter’s day there is nothing better than a warming bowl of pasta to nourish the soul and lift our spirits. However if you are trying to keep your diet on track, allergic to gluten or are looking for alternative recipes to try, have a little scroll because we’ve put together a collection of alternative pastas for you to try out that will help fend off those winter blues.

1 /  Q U I N O A   P A S T A

It’s pronounced Keen-wah, let’s just get that out the way and it’s becoming one of the world’s most popular health foods. This pseudo-cereal was once an important crop for the Inca Empire and was once referred to as the ‘mother of all grains’. It’s gluten-free, high in protein (8 grams per serving) and one of few plant based foods that contains all nine essential amino acids. It is also high in fibre, magnesium and vitamin B to name just a few. So why not try it in pasta form for a filling and guilt free alternative? For the brilliant sausage and asparagus quinoa recipe click here and you can order the BioFair organic quinoa pasta we tried out here.

2 /  B R O W N   R I C E   P A S T A

Brown rice has been a well known healthier alternative to white rice for years, but most people haven’t considered trying it in pasta form. This small grain is high in magnesium which is good for heart health naturally lowering cholesterol, and has roughly 4g fibre and 7g protein per serving. We love Madeleine Shaw’s super speedy and super healthy recipe for brown rice pasta with broccoli, pesto, toasted almonds and peas. To try it for yourself click here and we would definitely recommend the Doves Farm organic brown rice spaghetti which we order and use in place in regular spaghetti – one tip though, do make sure you separate the spaghettic strands when cooking otherwise they can clump together.

This weeknight bolognese by the Domestic Man is also a must try. His blog is paleo and gluten free friendly and you can adapt the recipes to your dietary needs. for the recipe click here.

3 /  L E N T I L   P A S T A

Red lentil pasta is made from one simple ingredient – red lentils and they are a great source of natural protein. Not only does it taste similar to regular pasta it contributes important vitamins and nutrients to our diet, for example for just 1 x 80g serving you receive 21 grams of protein. Red lentil Pasta is also high in iron and fibre. Fresh off the grid have a superb one pot lentil pasta recipe that is packed with protein and sounds super quick and easy to make. Check out their recipe here – it’s on our list as we haven’t tried it yet, and so is the Profusion red lentil pasta which is available here and is apparently excellent.

Lentil pasta is also perfect for a low-GMO, gluten – free, vegan and vegetarian diets among others and is available to buy at most supermarkets making it an accessible alternative. If you like pesto with your pasta you will love this recipe by My Everyday Table.

4 /  S W E E T    P O T A T O   P A S T A

As we may have mentioned before a few times, we LOVE sweet potatoes here at HM. They are gloriously versatile and packed full of vitamins, including iron, calcium, selenium, vitamin B and C and of course a great source of fibre. So naturally they are the an excellent choice as a pasta alternative. This is a must try vegan recipe by A Pinch of yum – it is a full on taste sensation and perfect for lunch or dinner.

5 /  K A M U T   P A S T A

Kamut is an old but seemingly new kid on the block. Kamut is an ancient wheat from Egypt and was introduced to the United states in 1949 and is now used in thousands of products around the world. Kamut does technically contain gluten but is a whole grain and is high in protein with an impressive 14g of protein per 100g, 6g fibre and contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc. It also has a higher percentage of amino acids compared to other wheats and is said to be good for cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Overall it is a great alternative to regular wheat pasta and we think there are some incredible recipes to try it in like this fennel and mushroom recipe by Savour the best.

However if you are looking for a more hearty nutrient packed recipe then This Rawsome vegan life  is a must try tonight.

6 /  C O U R G E T T I

Courgetti has been around a while but it has managed to maintain it’s 5 star status as a healthy pasta and noodle alternative. Low in glycemic index due to its high-water percentage, courgettes are low in carbs and high in essential vitamins. We just keep coming back to this recipe for steamed trout, salsa verde and courgetti which we love by the talented Amelia Freer. Click here to see the recipe.

Images Credits – Header image & 9 Amelia Freer, Image 1 Primavera Kitchen, 2 Madeleine Shaw, 3 Domestic Man, 4 Fresh off the grid, 5 My Everyday Table, 6 Pinch of Yum, 7 Savour the Best, 8 This Rawsome Vegan Life

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