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As inspirational as ever, registered nutritional therapist Amelia Freer has now completed her new 4th book ‘Simply good for you‘ and put together a little expert advice to help us all stay healthy, happy and connected to not only each other but to our bodies too during this time.

To help keep yourselves healthy and motivated during what is a difficult time for most of us, Amelia and her team have put together an extensive article on ‘Self-care practices for our changing world’.

Here you will find plenty of tips to both inspire you in six fundamental wellbeing categories, as well as lots and lots of life changing initiatives and online resources that have recently become available.

Amelia Freer | Self-care Practices For Our Changing World - Humphrey Munson Blog

‘I feel passionately that NOW is the time when self care matters most. Access to support systems and professional resources may be harder than it has been in the past. So instead, we may turn to ourselves and call on the reserves of strength, resilience and courage that we all have inside of us.’Amelia Freer

To summarise Amelia’s six category article includes the Mind, Movement, Food, Sleep, Connection and Health. To keep your mind healthy Amelia recommends knowing and regularly practising a few simple things that help you to unwind, reduce stress, have fun and be creative – because playfulness and pleasure are critical in sustaining our ability to function optimally in life.

Movement is also key, especially in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable and above all right now, safe.

Try to include a mixture of strength/ resistance/ flexibility and balance alongside cardiovascular exercise if possible.

Amelia Freer | Self-care Practices For Our Changing World - Humphrey Munson Blog

Now that supermarkets are back in an almost normal rhythm again, a good wholesome diet is very much achievable. Amelia recommends trying to enjoy a colourful, varied and mostly whole-foods diet where possible. Everything is about balance, so understanding the fine line between eating for joy and eating for nutrition and health is key.

Getting the right amount of good quality sleep is another essential factor in taking care of ourselves. 7-8 hours is the ideal amount of time to keep most adults energy sustained throughout the day.

Feeling connected and having a sense of community and purpose is vital right now. Try to nurture key relationships of those closest to you wether it’s a text, call or face-call – especially if that person lives on their own or is particularly struggling right now. Your contact with them might not just make your day, but theirs too.

Last but not least health is not to be forgotten. Always try to seek and follow appropriate health or medical advice, including public health guidance. Take responsibility for your own wellbeing and don’t be afraid to ask for help from qualified professionals when the time is right.

Amelia Freer | Self-care Practices For Our Changing World - Humphrey Munson Blog

If you simply cannot wait to get your hands on a copy of Amelia’s new book and are in desperate need of nutritious recipe inspiration you can peruse a plethora of mouth-watering recipes from the index on Amelia’s website here, or if you’d like to stay organised, take a gander at the batch cooking recipes here.

To help you on your way, this recipe for white fish, tomato, fennel and herb bake (pictured above) is easy, satisfying and is packed full of feel good ingredients and can be made in no time at all, quarantine or no quarantine.

Amelia Freer | Self-care Practices For Our Changing World - Humphrey Munson Blog

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Amelia’s book ‘Simply good for you’ you can get your hands on a copy on Amazon here. If you don’t already receive Amelia’s emails and are interested in nutrition and generally living well – we cannot recommend them enough, or take a look at Amelia’s truly inspirational Instagram here.

Images: Amy Murrell, Amelia Freer

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