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Over 8 miles of protected ridgetop, 5,200 total acres, infinite views and serenely situated along the last of The Great Smoky Mountains; Blackberry Mountain is naturally remarkable.

Set in the beautiful landscape of The Great Smoky Mountains, and rising above Miller’s Cove in Walland Tennessee, Blackberry Mountain is the perfect escape from the stresses of modern life in this private national park.  With a commitment to land conservation and a passion for sharing the wonders of life in the Smokies, expect unprecedented experiences when visiting Blackberry Mountain.

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Proprietor, Mary Celeste Beall, led the Blackberry team in the creation and opening of Blackberry Mountain, evolving an incredible track of land into a haven for preservation and personal exploration in relaxation, wellness and adventure. She helped guide the expansion of the Blackberry brand, continuing a longstanding reputation for renowned hospitality and celebrated wine and food.

Blackberry Mountain - Humphrey Munson

When it comes to where to stay at Blackberry Mountain, you can choose from a ridgetop cabin, a stone cottage nestled into the hillside near The Lodge, or a multi-bedroom home.

The Cabins offer floor to ceiling windows with a scenic outlook deck and a modern twist on the wood burning stove. Stone Cottages are carefully designed to tuck into the mountainside and are within walking distance to The Lodge. With their stacked stone archways, iron windows and reclaimed oak floors they certainly bring the great outdoors in. Finally, sleeping up to 10 people, the houses on the mountain not only offer complete privacy but they are surrounded by incredible views and are also walking distance to The Lodge and the pool.

Blackberry Mountain - Humphrey Munson

Whether you are there for fitness, adventure or relaxation, Blackberry Mountain is covering all the bases. Offering excursions including horse riding, fly fishing, paddle boarding and more, there will be something for everyone. If you are more of a group fitness person, there are classes on the range from calm and inspiring such as aerial yoga and sound-bathing to intense workouts in the Spin Lab or HIIT classes in the gym.

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From thoughtfully elevated cuisine at Three Sisters to inventive menus and unlimited views at the Firetower, there is a selection of creative and healthy options available throughout the day.

Blackberry Mountain - Humphrey Munson

For lightbites and cocktails, the Whippoorwill Lounge has got you covered. Cocktails at Blackberry Mountain pay homage to the classics, yet incorporate ingredients that allow for creativity and individuality. The wine programme at Blackberry Mountain is built upon the stories of the people and the places that make them unique and special.

‘Terroir’: the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, in which grapes are grown and that give a wine its unique flavour and aroma. At every wine tasting, especially those comparing “old world” wine to “new world” wines, the inevitable question of terroir arises. ‘Terroir’ is a French term that literally translated means: earth, or soil.

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Then there is the beer. Blackberry Farm Brewery is around a 25 minute drive from the resort, and though the beers can be found at Blackberry, it is well worth the trip out.

“…inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Old World, characterised by thoughtfully sourced quality ingredients and unhurried processes, while reflecting the unique changing seasons and culinary heritage of the South. The beers are crafted to be enjoyed at the table – paired with good food, friendship and conversation.”

Blackberry Farm Brewery - Humphrey Munson

With daily tours, the Barrel House and Taproom offers the chance to see the fermentation in progress as well as chat with the brewing team and enjoy fresh beer just feet from where it was made. See here for more information on tours and how to book.

Blackberry Farm Brewery - Humphrey Munson

Blackberry Mountain Images: Ingalls Photography Blackberry Farm Brewery Images: Beall+Thomas

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