Brampton Limestone | At Home with Holly Donoghue


Holly had been searching for the perfect natural limestone for some time prior to visiting the Humphrey Munson showroom. Designing this home with a focus on natural materials, Holly loved the way the Brampton natural limestone felt underfoot as well as the soft, classic look and feel it brings to the room.

‘I gravitate towards natural finishes and shades and i’m definitely not into anything shiny. I’m inspired by the work of interior designer Steven Gambrel, who creates very timeless and fresh rooms featuring a fabulous mix of textures.

Brampton natural limestone is a calm, soft grey limestone flooring tile with taupey-creamy undertones providing a beautiful neutral base to build upon. You’ll notice it has some natural fossil and fissure markings – stopping the tile from becoming too sterile and brings a subtle rustic edge to the mix – absolutely perfect for both contemporary and traditional spaces alike. This limestone tile lends itself particularly well to informal entertaining and looks completely at home in Holly’s open plan kitchen, dining and living space that she has designed with an incredible fresh, fun and timeless design.

This natural limestone tile is, however, more than just a pretty face; it is durable and oh so easy to maintain! Available in large format 60cm x random. It’s a thick tile, at 2cm, so be sure to check your floor depth, as you may need to opt for a thinner substrate.

To order a sample of the Brampton natural limestone click here or to view our collection of Natural limestones clock here. For more information feel free to email us at or call us on 01371 821300.

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