Brampton Natural Limestone – everything you need to know!


A hugely versatile flooring choice, the Brampton Natural Limestone is one of our most popular flooring tiles – and for good reason.

Let’s start with that colour – a lovely soft grey tone and when you combine that with its cool, taupey-creamy undertones and you have yourself a winning combination in terms of colour alone. It’s not too dark, not too light – just a beautiful neutral base.

If that isn’t enough to sway you, then throw some natural fossil and fissure markings into the mix and you may have just found yourself the perfect natural flooring which suits both contemporary and traditional spaces. You really will be hard pushed to find something better.

With all that said, lets find out a little more about this stand-out floor tile:

  • Stone: As mentioned above, the Brampton Natural is a limestone – the classic of stone floorings; once sealed, this stone is versatile, durable, beautiful.

  • Finish: Tumbled limestone has softly rounded edges and a soft mottled surface. The exposed surface grain of tumbled limestone is created by a mechanical process that recreates the effect of the sea washing over beach pebbles. A truly stunning finish.

  • Use: This tile is perfect in and around the home, be that your kitchen, hallway, boot room, utility room or scullery. It can even be used as wall tiling. It’s not recommended for outdoor use.

  • Size: It’s available in large format 60cm x random. It’s a thick tile, at 2cm, so be sure to check your floor depth, as you may need to opt for a thinner substrate.

  • Price: It’s priced at £120.00 per SQM + VAT. It’s worth noting that discounts are available depending on the quantity you order:
    • Orders over 50 SQM are entitled to a 5% discount
    • Orders over 100 SQM are entitled to a 10% discount
    • Orders over 150 SQM are entitled to a 15% discount 

Scroll down to see the Brampton Natural Limestone in all it’s glory:

Brampton Natural Limestone | Beaconsfield Project
Brampton Natural Limestone – Kent Project
Brampton Natural Limestone | Weybridge Project
Brampton Natural Limestone | Hampshire Project
Brampton Natural Limestone | Humphrey Munson St Albans showroom
Brampton Natural Limestone | Worcestershire Project

If you’re still struggling to decide on your flooring, we’re here to help with some quick tips to make that decision process a little easier:

  1. Ensure you bring the cabinetry colour scheme into the decision making process. It’s vital that your flooring works cohesively with its surroundings. Given flooring is a foundational element of any project, it has to work with the room as a whole.
  2. Think about the style you are trying to achieve. Is it country cottage vibes, perhaps more rustic barn, maybe a contemporary penthouse or even that sleek ‘hotel’ finish? Once you have your aesthetic pinned down, it will be so much easier to choose the flooring.
  3. Grout, believe it or not, it can make or break the finished look. A thicker grout line lends itself very well to a rustic look. For a more contemporary feel, we always suggest a thinner grout line. It give a continuous, undisturbed flow.
  4. Whilst on the topic of grout, let’s not forget to mention colour. We’ve seen a few instances where the colour of the grout is too ‘loud’ in comparison to the tiles. Where possible, keep it an understated feature. To get it just right, it has to blend well with not just your flooring, but also your cabinetry. We often recommend Ardex Flex FS Silver Shimmer or Natural Almond.
  5. The age old question of natural or man-made. As mentioned earlier, limestone being a natural product, is known for its beautiful fossil markings and variation in colour. So it’s super important to ask yourself if you can live with this type of detail every day. For some, it’s seen as a thing of beauty, for others it will drive them mad so for a more uniform consistent finish choose a porcelain tile.

For advice on which flooring tile to go with your project, HM Flooring Library are pleased to offer you design advice at any stage. Please contact us by email to or call us on 01371 821300.

If you’re still searching for inspiration, take a look at our instagram account @hmflooringlibrary, or have a browse through our previous HM Flooring Library projects.

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