Drying Cupboard


Opting for a drying cupboard isn’t usually something clients will think about when considering a utility room, however they can be a hugely beneficial piece of cabinetry that once you have it, you won’t know how you lived without it before.

A drying cupboard that is thermostatically controlled is the perfect final piece of the utility room specification as they are particularly useful for drying delicate items that cannot go in the tumble dryer such as cashmere or silk and ensures things can be dried easily and out of the way.

As well as being practical, they have also been designed to look good. We feel this is really useful if you have a utility room that you may use to access the home rather than the front door – it’s lovely to be able to keep drying clothes completely out of the way so that your entrance is clear and uncluttered.

The drying cupboard in the Felsted showroom is finished in HM paint colour ‘Goose Iron’ and opens to reveal slatted shelves to dry towels and linens. Between the two shelves is a rail so that items of clothing can be hung up to dry without getting creased.

This utility room at the Cotswold country house project features floor-to-ceiling Nickleby cabinetry painted in HM ‘Tailored Grey’ (a bespoke paint colour to Humphrey Munson made exclusively by Mylands) and conceals this drying cupboard, which is ideal for storing bed linen. The shelving is Classic oak and is slatted to allow warm air to pass through and over towels and linen to help dry everything evenly.

A dream utility room at the Langton House project has Spenlow cabinetry painted in HM ‘Tailored Grey’ and is finished with polished nickel quilp handles. The right side of this utility room has a thermostatically controlled drying cupboard which is neatly hidden away behind cabinetry – perfect for busy families.

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