Elderflower Blueberry and Mint Virgin Cocktail


This non-alcoholic ‘mocktail’ is just the ticket for a warm summer’s day. Made with ingredients that most of us have in the kitchen its’s a refreshing, bubbly cocktail that goes with everything! Here’s the recipe for this super simple drink for the drivers and non-drinkers at your barbecue this bank holiday weekend.

W H A T  Y O U  N E E D:

Two tablespoons (30ml) of elderflower syrup

A handful of fresh blueberries (frozen will work just as well for this)

Large bottle of sparkling water, or sparkling water from the Quooker Cube


Fresh Mint for garnish

H O W  T O  M A K E  I T:

1. Pour the elderflower syrup into the glass and add the blueberries (feel free to lightly mash to release the flavour).

2. Add a handful of ice to the glass and slowly pour over the mineral water almost to the top and lightly stir to combine the cordial and water. Add mint leaves and a paper straw (if desired) and serve.

Taste Note: If you’d like to add a citrus taste add a tablespoon or two of fresh lime juice when you first pour in the elderflower cordial.

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