Flooring consultations at the Humphrey Munson Felsted showroom


The Sloane Porcelain
Sloane Porcelain flooring tiles in the Felsted Showroom

If you’re feeling the pressure to make a flooring decision for an upcoming project, why not get in touch, to arrange a design consultation? Here at HM Flooring Library, quality and design is at the heart of everything we do. We source stone from all over the world and each one of the flooring tiles has been tried, tested and specified in many of the Humphrey Munson projects which is testament to the fact that we trust what we supply. You won’t find an enormous selection of tiles, as quality is paramount over quantity in each and every aspect. What you will find is a carefully curated selection of seventeen limestone and fifteen porcelain tiles.

We understand the importance of flooring; it is such a foundational aspect of any design that the wrong flooring can instantly change the look and feel of what would have been a beautiful space, to something that feels unconsidered, an afterthought. Whereas the right flooring can transform a room; in keeping with its surroundings; as if it were always there.

We know it’s imperative to each and every project that choosing the right flooring is given the proper time and consideration it requires. Hence why we offer flooring design consultations at the Felsted, Essex showroom.

What to expect at the design consultation

Although we have another showroom in St Albans, we have a wider range of limestone and porcelain tiles at the Felsted showroom, ranging from sample size pieces to fully fitted and sealed floor shown across the different rooms.

The first point of call will be to establish how you plan to use the space – is it for a kitchen, a terrace, a pool area; how do you live day to day – are you happy with a clean, pristine finish, which may need regular sweeping, or would you prefer something with more character, which helps to hide the ‘everyday living’; perhaps you have children or pets and require something super durable to hide the muddy wellies and paw prints treading across it throughout the day.

Once you have chosen the stone, it’s onto the colour of the grout. Choosing which grout works best not only depends on the colour of the stone, but also the colour of the surrounding cabinetry, walls even hardware; you’re trying to achieve a cohesive blend. 

The next topic would be sealant. We can’t stress enough how imperative is it for limestone floors. It can be the difference between your floor lasting 1-2 years or 8-10 years. We’ll also discuss which sealant we recommend, which adhesive to use, as well as specifying the correct cleaning products.

If you feel you could benefit from a design consultation, we would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch either by phone – 01371 821300, email info@hmflooringlibrary.co.uk or Instagram www.instagram.com/hmflooringlibrary

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