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“Clean lines, correct proportions and less-is-more are our watchwords. We combine the best of contemporary design with classic and timeless motifs, fusing crisp, precision metalwork from British artisans with glass sourced from Britain, mainland Europe and beyond.”

Hector Finch

From humble beginnings in a small antique centre in Preston, Lancashire, lighting company Hector Finch has now risen to become a leading name in luxury lighting. Synonymous with our own ethos; quality and attention to detail, we are huge fans of Hector Finch.

Hector Finch - Humphrey Munson

It all began in the mid 1980’s with Hector’s father, an antiques dealer who travelled across the North of England buying pieces from private houses, dealers and auctions. Hector’s natural talent for engineering and understanding how things were made enabled him to right the right specialist restorers for antique fittings to be given a new lease of life. Some of these would pass through the hands of metal craftsmen, glass blowers, metal finishers and challenge the most able wirers before they were presented (fully restored) to his customers.

Then in 1991 Hector moved to London where he set up a small shop in Chiswick Lane with two other dealers selling to private customers and quickly gaining a devoted following of interior designers. After just four short years the demand outgrew the current capacity of the space and Hector moved to Wandsworth Bridge Road. Although he still dealt in vintage fittings (from mostly Spain and England), Hector began stocking lines of modern manufactured lights and was actually the first shop in London to introduce an extensive array of Moroccan lanterns.

With the approach of the 2000’s, Hector’s wife Emma joined the business and the company began to not only design but manufacture signature collections of fixtures primarily for the design trade. At the same time, Emma found a showroom in New York to represent the line and in 2004 published a catalogue showcasing the high quality range that to this day forms the backbone of the Hector Finch Collection.

Hector Finch - Humphrey Munson

Since then, the range has flourished with a design aesthetic of clean lines, precise proportions and a less-is-more philosophy as well as precision metalwork by British artisans with glass work sourced from mainland Europe.

“We pride ourselves in supporting specialist craft makers for our Italian glass and ceramic ranges and are passionate about maintaining relationships with traditional, family owned businesses.

We believe in sustainability based on the simple premise that if something is well made and beautiful it will have a long and useful life and to this end believe that by sourcing local materials and components we are supporting our environment, community and economy.

We continue to follow our aspiration to provide a product that sells across the world because it satisfies a demand for high quality, well designed lighting that will give pleasure to future generations.”

The Longford kitchen in our Felsted showroom (pictured above) features three small Tiber pendants with  green shades and bronze fittings. Exquisitely made with swirled glass, these mirrored shades echo mid 20th century industrial lighting. The Tiber pendants look so perfect over this Longford prep table in our newly refurbished showroom in Felsted, but would also look great over counters or in utility spaces as well as bars giving out a warm glow.

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Images: Paul Craig

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