How much is a Humphrey Munson kitchen?


When it comes to working with Humphrey Munson on your renovation project, there are many questions to start with that can easily addressed via a discovery call or Zoom with a member of the design team (to book this service drop us an email here).

This service typically goes over how we work in terms of the design, manufacturing, installation and finishing process – what we do / what we don’t do, lead times and pricing.

Before making an appointment to visit a showroom, many clients like to get an idea of costing and as this is one of the most requested queries on social media we wanted to share a bit more information here about the subject.

For every HM project, from new build homes through to a single kitchen renovation, we work closely with our clients providing clear and transparent information regarding pricing to help them achieve their dream space and helping to plan, control, and monitor the budget and costs as the project progresses is essential.

As a client driven business, our focus is on understanding a client’s needs which starts with our initial discovery conversation and exploring what exactly you are trying to achieve through the re-design of your home.

All shapes, all sizes

So, how much is a Humphrey Munson kitchen? Well, as you probably guessed it depends.

And it depends on so many variables that it’s impossible to give a generic one-size-fits-all answer to this question but we make kitchens of all shapes and sizes – from a single run + island in a city apartment block to a colossal country house estate and everything in-between.

We design, make and install projects across the UK mainland and ship projects overseas too. Some projects have one room, and some have 12+.

We are a bespoke cabinetmaking company so anything is possible, but as with most things in life, it’s a question of time and money.

Some projects are £75K for the kitchen cabinetry, worktops, appliances (fridges, ovens) and accessories (sinks, taps), and some can be upwards of £500K for the kitchen + multiple other rooms, worktops, appliances, accessories, architectural joinery, additional freestanding furniture across the kitchen, bathrooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms, studies, libraries, flooring, lighting and rugs etc.

At HM there are so many things we make that you might not know – everything from beds to bespoke display cases for museum-esque rooms designed to showcase unique client collections. That said, the average Humphrey Munson project is usually a kitchen + 2 or 3 additional rooms whether that is media cabinetry for the open plan space or a utility room / pantry / boot room where these rooms connect to and help serve the ground floor of the home.

How to get an estimate of costings

We offer an estimate service to help clients get an idea of the cost of their dream kitchen – please note there is no charge for this service and this is the quickest and simplest way to get an idea of costings.


During the discovery call or zoom we will note down all the information we need and then all we need is a dimensioned floor plan – even a basic real estate layout from Rightmove is adequate for this purpose.

We can discuss the proposed layout if this is changing, or simply go over the existing layout to give you that high level indication of costing. Sometimes when you’re thinking about whether to renovate, extend or potentially move house, you want to be able to simply gauge the associated cost of the options so this can be a really useful first step.


Our estimates cover the cost of the cabinetry, worktops, installation, and finishing, but they do not include appliances, accessories, flooring, or additional furniture such as tables and chairs. However, we can provide quotes for these items if required in order to build that bigger picture of costings. The specification of the cabinetry and worktops is included within the estimate which is really helpful when comparing HM to other companies in terms of purely assessing the product offering.

Next steps

Once clients receive an estimate their next step will typically be to visit a showroom in order to see and feel the kitchens and other rooms in real life. To really compare HM to other companies you have to see it and feel it in real life. Our showrooms are fully functioning spaces so you can see how they work (the savviest clients know to book over the coveted lunchtime slot to enjoy an HM home-cooked lunch).

To get to the heart of what makes HM so special is to understand our approach in design, making, installing and finishing but also in serving clients even after the projects have been completed.

Showroom appointments are always private and we do ask for clients to make an appointment even if they just want to have a look around without necessarily speaking to a member of the design team.

So in conclusion, although there is no set formula for pricing a Humphrey Munson kitchen, we strive to provide transparent and accurate estimates tailored to each individual project. To take advantage of this service, or to book a discovery call or Zoom message us here.

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