Humphrey Munson Bespoke Integrated Trays


A much loved (and extremely useful) addition to almost any kitchen project, our bespoke HM integrated trays are proving so popular with our client projects.

Designed to be stored in cabinetry, often in the island near the food prep area, near a scullery or either side of a coffee machine, integrated trays are made to match the wood accent used throughout the kitchen project. We love how the wood accent can help to break up a run of cabinetry, often providing warmth and character particularly when the painted run is finished in cooler tones.

More than just aesthetically pleasing, integrated trays are used for multiple purposes. For those who like to entertain outside for example, integrated trays designed near the entrance to the garden is useful as you can load a tray up with food (or drinks) for guests waiting eagerly by the barbecue outside. If you are a coffee enthusiast (or you entertain a lot and love to show off your barista skills on the weekends), integrated trays can be designed into the cabinetry either side of a coffee machine, whether it’s part of a run or hidden behind a bi-fold door.

For those who like to entertain on a larger scale or prefer a more formal dining experience when they host guests, integrated trays can be designed into a scullery run. This is particularly useful when setting up the table as crockery can be carried in bulk, and equally, can be transported back to the scullery when plates are dirty. Here’s a selection of integrated trays to help illustrate the ways in which they can be both designed and used in kitchen projects…


Gerrards Cross project.

Warwickshire project

Worcestershire project

C O F F E E / D R I N K S

Essex project.

St. Albans project.

Walton Barn project.

S C U L L E R Y  R U N

Cranbrook project.

Blackheath project.

Images: Paul Craig

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