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Getting the foundation elements – walls, flooring, layout – are critical to the success of a coherent and balanced interior design for any room. The paint colour chosen will undoubtedly have one of the biggest impacts on the interior design scheme so it’s essential to get this right and particularly when it comes to kitchen cabinetry – this is something you want to get right first time.

We have our own collection of paint colours in the HM Paint Atelier that are made by Mylands exclusively for Humphrey Munson.

Established in 1884 in a modest shop in the heart of Lambeth, John Myland created what is now the only remaining paint manufacturer in London. As paint specialists who have been making paint for over 130 years, we believe that Mylands offer the best finish for painted cabinetry and interior walls.

Top Hat is one of our darker colours and has a soft graphite tone. Working well with both lighter and darker colour palettes Top Hat creates a look that stands the test of time and works as part of both classic and contemporary spaces.

Top Hat is the perfect colour to create an understated focal point to almost any kitchen.

What’s really special about Mylands eggshell paints is that they are low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Water based paints made from natural ingredients with no solvents and little to no VOC’s are the best eco friendly choice when it comes to painting a kitchen because they are made from sustainable ingredients.

As well as being sustainable, you will be pleased to know that Mylands eggshell paint is notoriously easy to maintain as it is stain resistant – one less thing to worry about if you have children or love to entertain.

Lighting is incredibly important as it can dramatically effect how a paint colour looks. For example, artificial light affects how colours appear as each colour will have different hues of light. Halogen bulbs emit a yellow light which gives warmth to a space and therefor can alter a paint colour whilst LED lighting emits bluer light that is more suited to contemporary interiors. Lastly, white light creates a daylight effect which gives the truest impression of the paint colour.

The position of the room in which your kitchen resides can also alter the way colours are perceived. North facing rooms for example can be harder to decorate as the light is often cooler and harsher so it will naturally bring out the cooler tones within a colour. Whereas south facing rooms will be full of light all day and will bring out the best in most colours. With this in mind you may note how different Top Hat looks in the kitchens above.

Easy to maintain, sustainable made and beautiful, HM Paint Atelier’s collection is one of a kind and only available with our kitchens. To book a showroom visit, design consultation or to find out more information contact us on or call us on 01371 821300.

Image credit: Paul Craig 

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