Interiors Spotlight: David Harris | Design Director of Andrew Martin


The new Brindisi collaboration between Andrew Martin International and Sophie Paterson immediately caught our eye and has since garnered rave reviews across the interiors community for the soft rustic luxe range of 34 cushions.

Combining Andrew Martin’s adventurous traveller spirit with the cool elegance and effortless sophistication of Sophie Paterson Interiors, it is a match made in interiors heaven.

The assorted patterns, textures and colours of the cushions are designed to effortlessly intermingle. As Sophie explains: ‘It was important to me that the cushion designs and palettes could be combined and would work well together’ and she suggests an asymmetric arrangement of five cushions to accessorise a large sofa, using textural contrasts such as plain velvets behind linen prints.

And, as you’d expect from Andrew Martin, the meticulous attention to detail has ensured this cushion range is superbly made – they feel as amazing as they look in the photographs. Although we’ve featured Sophie on the HM blog before, this is the first time we’ve featured Andrew Martin so we were delighted to catch up with their Design Director David Harris and ask him a few questions about his role and life at AMI:

When did you join the Andrew Martin team and what drew you to the company?

I joined AM in 2000. It was the Andrew Martin spirit of adventure and unique products that captured my imagination; to be part of this globetrotting brand was very exciting.

We’re sure there’s no such thing as a typical day, but what does your role entail?

My role entails the design of all fabrics, wallpapers and cushions, so it’s pretty involved. Initial inspiration for ideas is always a challenge, but a few hours spent visiting a museum, a high end store or an exhibition is a great place to start. Cinema,  music or even a walk in the countryside really helps too, and travel, well that goes without saying.

The work in the weaving mills and printers is the most enjoyable element though, this is where you can get hands on and be creative, you can really see the products come to life.

Andrew Martin offers an interior design service to both residential clients and hotel groups worldwide, how do you begin the design process for a new client?

The client is the most important element of any interior design project. If they come to us they usually have some idea in their mind of what it is they want us to create, and this usually stems from some of the Andrew Martin products or installations they may have already seen. Usually a tour of our showroom is the first port of call, and this is where they can see what the Andrew Martin look and feel is all about.

We love the Andrew Martin lighting collection it is incredible! Do you have any advice for anyone looking to re-design their lighting scheme at home? 

We do have a fantastic range of lighting to suit all types of interiors. I always like all lights to be dimmable as this is what creates the atmosphere; our Andrew Martin tip is to light for the shadows, not for the light.

Do you have any design advice for someone undertaking an interior design project?

Interior Design is incredibly personal to the individual, so its very important to build the design around the way you like to live. Whilst it great to follow trends, and these can help enormously with ideas, make sure you included plenty of elements which are personal to you, and that give you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Travel is very much a big influencer for the designs at Andrew Martin, do you have any advice for anyone wanting to ensure a cohesive design that still encompasses decorative objects inspired by world travels or perhaps purchased overseas?

Travel is very important to a lot of us, and many of the places we visit hold lifelong memories. I think it’s wonderful to have elements of these adventures in our homes, they remind of far flung places and times we have spent away from our daily routines. The objects which people gather, or the influences we take are very personal to the individual.

So whether it’s a Moroccan kilim rug, a Buddha from Nepal, or a simple souvenir that makes you happy in your home, then this is the most important thing.

What can you tell us about the exciting new Andrew Martin pop up in Sloane Avenue?

Our new Pop Up on Sloane Avenue has theatre and adventure at its heart, as is this is the AM philosophy! You can see newly sprayed bonnets of Porsche’s and Cobras, neon artworks, ceramic glazed fruit and Liquorice Allsorts stools. It’s an attack on the senses.

To visit the ‘Luxe Lab’ pop up on Sloane Avenue (just around the corner from their flagship Walton Street store) click here for opening times and details but if you can’t make it be sure to follow AM on Instagram to see behind the scenes.

Images: Andrew Martin

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