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KINN Living is the brainchild of founders Marie Lavabre and Sophie Lavabre-Barrow. For those of you who don’t already know, the multi award-winning organic company KINN Living has been selling its products for just two short years. In that small space of time the company has evolved from non-toxic skincare to a larger range that includes plant-based laundry care, providing consumers with products for people and their homes that are as safe and natural as possible. Because KINN believe that simple is best – and we totally agree.

KINN Living | Cotswolds Project | Humphrey Munson

The idea for KINN Living actually began in 1993 with the birth of Sophie (Marie’s daughter). Like most mums, Marie looked at the products she was using in her home and for her new born daughter. After spending a great deal of time on her grandparents farm in the south of France, Marie understood the importance of natural, organic products not just for her newborn baby but for everyone and set up a company called ‘Little Wishes’.

For advice, Marie sought her uncle Marcel (the founder of the Aromatherapy Association of America), but as time went by Marie was unable to find a factory that would make the products without SLS/SLES and parabens etc, and slowly turned to a career in property development and interior design.

As Sophie got older and spent her summers at her great grandparent’s farm in France, she and Marie began discussing the idea of Little Wishes – but this time just to focus on a range of skincare products that are kind to the body and environment around you.

Finally in 2015 Marie and Sophie flew to Cabo San Lucas to once again speak to uncle/great uncle Marcel who, gave the duo his blessing and formula collection.

KINN Living | Humphrey Munson

In 2017 Sophie and Marie finally launched KINN. The first year for the pair was something of a whirlwind with their products on the shelves of none other than Harrods and shortly after – Waitrose. That’s how we found them:

Georgina and I were dashing around Waitrose in Beaconsfield at 7am picking up last minutes props for a shoot at our White House project and we wanted to get a few bits for the laundry room. I had a quick glance in the cleaning aisle not really expecting to find anything and spotted the KINN products.

We stocked up, did the shoot and when we got back to Felsted we used the products for the weeks washing from the showroom kitchens.

It’s a great concept but the products really work too and not only that they smell divine. We’ve been using KINN ever since.” ~ Louisa Eggleston, HM Creative Director

KINN Living | Humphrey Munson

KINN won several awards and had overwhelming support from both press and bloggers alike…

We founded KINN because we think that if we’re looking after what we put on our skin, it also makes sense to look after what we use in our homes.

Our ethos is Clean Beauty™ for you, your family and your home.

Organic, natural and eco friendly can be on-trend too.” ~ Marie & Sophie

With organic body care taken care of, Marie and Sophie soon turned their attention to home care. They both wondered why no one had tidied up the “interesting” ingredients yet, and why plant-based cleaning was looked as being less effective? So, they found a family run business in the UK who could help them turn their idea of vegan plant based (and effective) cleaning products into reality. They were even willing to make them in very tiny quantities for them! In 2018 KINN expanded their products to plant based laundry care which has been flying off the shelves since.

KINN Living | Humphrey Munson

Sophie and Marie’s brand is truly something to be admired, we love KINN Living so much our new Felsted utility room is full of their products and if you come in to see us you’ll probably see the products in action as we use the washing up liquid, washing liquid and floor cleaners – they are PH neutral so perfect for our natural limestone floors.

For more information click here and to view the full range of products available click here.

All Images by Paul Craig except image 2 – KINN Living.

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