Kitchen Confidential | Q&A with @holly.d.interiors


We were delighted to be commissioned to work on this incredible renovation in Weybridge, Surrey which was completed earlier this year. We designed, manufactured and installed the kitchen which is set within a huge open plan area, walk through / walk in pantry, utility room and boot room and supplied the Brampton natural limestone flooring which spans the entire area. You may recognise the kitchen if you use instagram as this is the home of @holly.d.interiors

We caught up with them to share their experience and design insights:

How did you find Humphrey Munson?

Instagram! We visited the Felsted showroom shortly after and completely fell in love. Peter Humphrey (Design Director & Founder of the company) showed us around the workshop which was very impressive. We’ve been lucky enough to find some superb home grown manufacturers during our renovation journey; to be able to go and see the products being made and the craftsmanship involved is very fulfilling and rewarding.

What was your original brief for the project in terms of the kitchen / pantry, utility and boot room? 

We were very open to ideas. This was our first time designing from scratch so it was comforting to be in the very good hands of HM. In terms of how the spaces now work for us, they absolutely nailed it. The key for all rooms was lots of storage, a timeless design and the capacity to cope with large groups of friends and family.

The beauty of HM is they are so passionate about their product and their cabinetry and appliance knowledge is deep. The inclusion of extra refrigeration on the island (a cool drawer which can flip from wine cooler to fridge to freezer at the push of a button, depending on what you need more of) was absolute genius.

How was the room layout decided?

It was largely dictated by existing window and door positions. The instinctive feeling was to put the kitchen in the centre of the room but it did feel quite vast (especially with the height of the ceilings) and I wanted a solution to make the kitchen feel a bit more intimate and zoned off from the lounge and dining areas. Introducing the walk through pantry behind the cooking run did just that.

We love the interior design of the kitchen /  dining / soft seating area – what inspired this aesthetic?

I’ve long admired the work of Steven Gambrel. He inspired all the dark woodwork. Otherwise I’ve just gone for everything I love in design; raw materials, a neutral palette with pops of black + white, greenery and antique brass.

You won’t find anything shiny in our house… just lots of different matte textures. That works for us.

Which area do you particularly enjoy now the project is complete?

The pantry feels like a real Brucie bonus. It’s so super useful but I also just enjoy looking at it! I also absolutely love cooking on the Lacanche.

Can you share any design advice or tips for anyone else embarking on a similar project?

Take your time, start planning well in advance and choose suppliers carefully! Stay true to your own taste, it’s easy to get distracted by the wealth of inspiration we have such easy access to.

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