Lacanche Chalonnais Range Cooker


Since being founded over 200 years ago, Lacanche has become a well-loved household name in range cooker technology. Lovingly made by hand to order, a Lacanche is built to last whilst oozing French charm! This is an entirely bespoke creation, each and every time.

The Lacanche classic Chalonnais is a firm favourite amongst Humphrey Munson clients as it’s perfect for larger kitchens and keen cooks alike who desire more oven capacity (all 73 litres of it – per oven!).

Designed with clean, symmetrical lines, the Chalonnais can be specified as gas, static electric or dual function electric. If you choose electric, the ovens will come equipped with a grill as standard so you’ll never miss out on the opportunity for grilled cheese on toast on a lazy Sunday morning. The beauty of the custom designs of the Chalonnais is that you can have the best of both worlds, a gas oven on one side and an electric oven with grill on the other.

As an alternative you can also choose dual function static/ convection electric oven and grill which is ideal for those who are a little more adventurous with their dishes and like to flit between cooking methods. For example convection is best suited to baking as the air is pushed around the oven cavity allowing more fragrance and a better rise with even cooking results. Whereas static heat is great for foods like pizzas and breads.

Lacanche Chalonnais Range Cooker | Humphrey Munson Blog

The hob options for the Chalonnais include induction, gas hobs, electric plancha and a simmer plate which you can also customise for the configuration of your choosing. For example you could choose to have one gas oven, one dual function oven with grill and on the cooktop above, four gas burners, a simmer plate and an electric plancha.

A configuration like this would be ideal for cooks who regularly make dishes that require multiple cooking elements such as big Sunday roasts etc (an example of this configuration is pictured above).

Lacanche Chalonnais Range Cooker | Humphrey Munson Blog

As well as customising oven and hob options you can choose from a multitude of colours for the exterior of the oven and the trim. Lacanche offer a large range of shades from black to orange making is especially easy to choose the colour that will go just right with your kitchen. The trim options include: chrome, nickel, brushed stainless steel, brass, copper and chrome matt.

Lacanche Chalonnais Range Cooker | Humphrey Munson Blog

The classic Lacanche Chalonnais works so well in a range of projects whether they are more classic or contemporary – or firmly between the two.

To build your own (virtual) Lacanche visit their website here, or to make an enquiry/ order your very own range cooker call our team on 01371 821300 or email

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