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What’s really great about induction cook tops is that they are super easy to clean and maintain, are much safer to use with little ones in the house and gives consistent and fast heat control. All of these attributes are particularly appealing to clients with busy lives and little time to spare, and we particularly love the way induction hobs look on both the classic and modern Lacanche range cookers as it brings a refined, contemporary look and feel to almost any space.

How does induction work?

An induction hob consist of a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil beneath it which when turned on creates an electric current through the coil creating a magnetic field. This does not create heat on the burner itself, however when an iron or stainless steel pan in set on top, the magnetic field creates small electric currents in the pans metal. Only poor conductors like iron and stainless steel will work as pans made of copper and aluminium conduct electricity too well to generate significant heat to cook food.

Another amazing element to induction is that it is much safer and child friendly compared to gas or electric because the surface of the hob will only get as hot as the pan of food cooking, so is safe to touch if the hob is on but has nothing on top which is perfect for homes with children for example the Maldon kitchen project (pictured above) which is the epitome of a busy family kitchen.

Induction also easily makes for more efficient cooking, for example boiling a pan of water in almost half the time than that of a standard gas stove, as well as more accurate heat control which can be raised and decreased quickly keeping food at the temperature you need it to be without burning.

Cleaning and maintaining an induction hob is easy and fuss free, the flat surface can be wiped down with a non-abrasive cleaner like ‘Method’ spray or quite simply warm soapy water – we tend to find that food doesn’t tend to burn on as badly as it does on electric or gas hobs and therefore can be wiped clean with little effort.

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