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Lacanche Range Cookers

We are big fans of Lacanche range cookers here at Humphrey Munson. For over 200 years, these incredible range cookers have been handcrafted in a foundry in the small village of Lacanche in the Burgundy region of France. They are revered by some of the most brilliant and well-respected chefs and cooks all over the world who install them in their own home and professional kitchens and it’s clear to see why.

Apart from their extraordinary heritage, what makes Lacanche range cookers so different from other range cookers on the market today, is that they are still made to the same exacting standards and they are still made by hand.

What we love about Lacanche range cookers is probably what all Lacanche owners love; they are deliberately simple, making them easy to use, and from a practical point of view, easy to maintain and clean. All of the oven walls are coated in an 8-layer, anti-acid enamel finish, and the doors and seals can be effortlessly removed for cleaning.

Humphrey Munson | Barnes Townhouse | Black Lacanche Range, with bespoke wall-mounted extractor

The Lacanche cookers pictured above are both the Macon model which have two 55L ovens: one is a high temperature 3.5kW gas oven, the other is static (conventional) oven, offering even cooking and the benefit of the large and powerful 2.65kW grill.

The third smaller 25L electric oven with grill is perfect if you’ve only got some light cooking to do and emphasises the versatility of these cookers. There is even a storage drawer for your pots and pans.

Felsted Front Image

Lacanche range cookers are solid and built to last, offering years of service in a demanding environment. They offer a truly professional cooking performance and are widely used in commercial kitchens as well as domestic home.

Humphrey Munson | Nickleby Kitchen | Felsted | Lacanche Cluny Range Cooker

There is an almost infinite variety of configurations combining the wide range of models with the various hob types, oven types, built in hob options, dual fuel options, shape and size. Lacanche range cookers are individual, and you can design yours to your exact specification. They are also renowned for their elegant looks with 20 beautiful enamel finishes to choose from (or stainless steel) and four different trims.

The Lacanche Cluny (pictured above) is a really super dual-fuel cooker with a powerful 5-burner gas hob. The hob is made from one piece of stainless steel and its rounded edges and recessed sides make it easy to clean. The pan stands are made from solid cast iron with a non-slip coating, while the burner tops are in solid brass, for greater flame efficiency. Each gas burner control has 2 preset settings (maximum and simmer) and they are also child-safe and fitted with gas flame failure sensors.


A really popular Lacanche with our customers has been the Citeaux model – it’s also a Lacanche best-seller.

We love the symmetry of the Citeaux. In the Chadwick House kitchen project above, it perfectly mirrors the symmetry of the kitchen design. So simple, but so effective and timeless.

Boasting up to three ovens (a 50 litre convection oven and grill on the left, a large 74 litre central oven and the 84 litre simmer oven / cupboard on the right), a large storage drawer, and space for two additional hob elements, the Citeaux is definitely a heavyweight in the kitchen cooker arena.

As well as our customers being fans, Lacanche range cookers are popular with an array of professional chefs including Raymond Blanc who has the Belmont range installed in the kitchen of the internationally acclaimed hotel Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Oxfordshire. What better endorsement than from one of the worlds most famous French chefs!

For more information about Lacanche you can visit their website or visit one of our showrooms to see the Lacanche range cookers in action.