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The founders of Maker&Son are Alex Willcock and Felix Conran, a father and son duo who launched the business in February 2018, and now manufacture in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

The history of how this all started begins over three decades ago when Alex has worked with teams designing hundreds of chairs and sofas for various retailers. The key thing he learnt? The best-selling sofas are always the ones that are the most comfortable. Simple, except that, the materials needed to make a sofa or chair even more comfortable are generally unaffordable to retailers which inevitably leads to compromises.

So instead of trying to create a product to fit a price point or specific design trend, Alex and Felix decided to do things differently and created a range of sofas and chairs with no compromise on the quality of any part of the product. They quite literally threw away the rule book and simply focused on comfort, quality and timeless style.

The result can be experienced in their now-expanding ranges of extraordinarily comfortable chairs, sofas and beds. And they are all designed to last a lifetime. At HM this is an approach we always follow, so we wanted to share some of the beautiful pieces that Maker&Son offer.

Maker&Son are deeply committed to making their furniture in a sustainable way, endeavouring to use only natural materials in all they make. They never use plastics, polyurethane foams, Velcro or staples. Their furniture is more sustainable, lasts longer and is far better for the environment than much of what you can buy on the high street. They consider ethical sourcing as well as animal welfare a fundamental concern, so the feathers and down are organic by-products of the agro-food industry. They are recycled for the needs of homeware, and not a single duck or goose is ever reared, kept or raised solely for its feathers.

Crafted as future heirlooms for generations to come, all Maker&Son furniture is built using solid hardwood frames, rooted in longevity. The base of each piece includes the equivalent of a high quality mattress with many individually coiled springs. Their cushions are filled with down, feather and latex and covered with removable, washable, changeable covers in naturally beautiful fabrics, all designed to meet the practicalities of everyday life.

Alex and Felix, together with the wider Maker&Son family continue to believe that there are many people like them in the world, looking for truly comfortable furniture made from only natural materials.

Maker&Son offer three styles; all available in sofas, chairs, and sectionals: Song (pillow edge), Marnie (piped edge), and Otter (box edge or soft edge). Each piece is handmade to order and on a lead time of around 10-12 weeks. However, there is an Available Now section on the website and these pieces are ready to ship in 5-10 days time – very handy for last minute orders before Christmas.

Maker&Son don’t have the traditional high street showrooms you get with a typical UK sofa retailer, so they have come up with a different way for you to experience their chairs…. their lovely Mobile Showrooms, which bring a little piece of Maker&Son directly to you. Each of the Mobile Showrooms is a little bit different, made to reflect the location it travels within, but also sharing many of the special characteristics of Maker&Son. They now have vans dotted across the UK and Ireland, as well as Australia and California too.

For more information about Maker&Son visit their website here.

Images: Maker&Son

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