Miele Induction vs Gas


The difference between a gas hob and induction hob is quite drastic and can actually make it more difficult to decide what’s going to work best for you. We’ve put together a breakdown of the advantages of both the Miele induction hob and gas hob to help you on your way…

Miele gas vs induction - In the Spotlight - Humphrey Munson

Induction hobs are ideal for passionate cooks due to the precise temperature control, fast heat up times, automatic pan recognition and the ability to boost heat – ideal for when an extra increase in temperature is required.

Induction can be particularly good if you like to create delicate dishes, for example melting chocolate is easier as the temperature can be specifically controlled and there is no need for a water bath. They also fit well within the modern kitchen designs of today, offering a sleek, minimal look that is incredibly easy to keep clean.

Miele gas vs induction - In the Spotlight - Humphrey Munson

The technology used with induction cooking can help produce desired professional results when cooking in your kitchen at home. TempControl is one of the latest innovations to be added to the Miele induction range. Using power levels and sensors to detect the temperature of the pan, it automatically regulates the power on the hob to ensure that the food being cooked is fried at a constant temperature, preventing the dish from burning if the power is not turned down.

As well as the ability for total heat control and easy cleaning, the induction hobs are also ideal if you have young children. This is because it’s actually the pan that heats up, not the hob. This is compared to electric hobs which are left with scorching hot surfaces when exposed.

Miele gas vs induction - In the Spotlight - Humphrey Munson

Look out for models with a ‘flush fit’, meaning that the hob is enclosed by the work surface for a sleek finish with no exposed edges. Induction also has other family friendly benefits such as safety locks to prevent the hob being turned on accidentally. Induction hobs can be connected wirelessly to a hood for intelligent extraction, creating the ideal cooking environment that is free from grease, smells and vapours.

For more information about Miele induction hobs you can visit the website here.

Miele gas vs induction - In the Spotlight - Humphrey Munson

Gas on the other hand is a visible heat source which helps to make it easy to control as well as adjust. Ideal for intense heat cooking such as oriental cooking or flash frying. It’s great for relaxed mid-week cooking it’s also something most home cooks will be familiar with in the kitchen.

Miele gas vs induction - In the Spotlight - Humphrey Munson

Design with a gas hob is equally as important and with induction. You no longer have to settle for a large gas hob that protrudes from the work surface, this has now been developed and replaced by more modern, flush (or near-flush) glass designs that are designed to sit in line with the worktop for a far sleeker look that works in both classic and contemporary kitchens.

For more information about Miele gas hobs you can visit the website here.

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