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The Miele sous vide vacuum sealing drawer is the ideal tool for a hardworking kitchen. Providing optimum results whether you are looking to marinade meat in your favourite sauce or simply freeze batches of food, the Miele vacuum drawer is a multi-purpose appliance built not just for people who love to entertain but for people who have busy working and family lives too.

Miele Sous Vide - Vacuum Sealing Drawer - Humphrey Munson

If you are wondering what makes this appliance so special, here’s what you need to know:

1. Air is extracted from the vacuum bags which provides the perfect long-term food storage conditions. Three vacuum sealing settings are available to choose from. Setting one can be used for more delicate produce like berries or liquids and setting three is better suited to meat. You can also re-seal bags. If you have an open pack that you would like to reseal this can be done using setting one.

2. Once you have vacuum sealed – for example a fillet of fish – you can then use the sous vide function in a Miele combi-steam oven for perfect results.

3. Vacuum sealing marinated food intensifies the flavour in ways we could never image. Herbs and spices for example when sealed will not oxidise as they would when left unsealed in a fridge. By vacuum sealing for example a steak in herbs, the flavours can work directly with the meat and provide a more concentrated taste when eaten.

4. Vacuum sealing food keeps it fresher for longer. It protects against the dreaded freezer burn, cross contamination and smells and unwanted flavours leaching into other area of the fridge/ freezer. This means bread can stay fresh for longer at room temperature as mould cannot grow as it would if the bread were exposed.

5. The ideal solution to when you have made too much soup or sauces leftover that you don’t want to waste but also don’t want to put in a large container when space in the fridge is already limited is by vacuum sealing it into bags. This keeps it fresher for longer and saves all important space in the fridge.

6. Whether you are a keen entertainer or part of a busy family being able to portion control and storage is important. Single portions of food can be cooked or warmed up in the vacuum bags and dry goods like cereals or biscuits can be portioned for trips away to save space rather than carrying bigger boxes around.

7. Vegetables and herbs can be sensitive to bruising so vacuum sealing them in a bag may not be the wisest option. Miele have a solution to this which can lengthen the storage life of more delicate foods. Vacuum containers are ideal for keeping herbs and vegetables intact as they are simply connected to an adaptor in the drawer which then extracts the air.

Miele Sous Vide - Vacuum Sealing Drawer - Humphrey Munson Blog

As well as being a great multi-purpose everyday appliance in the kitchen you will also be pleased to hear it is super easy to clean. Made using seamless stainless steel sheets means wiping the interior clean after use is quick and easy.

Precise and easy to use, the Miele sous vide vacuum sealing drawer should not be overlooked when thinking about re-designing your kitchen as it can drastically change the way you prepare and store food. Ultimately leading to less waste and better flavours.

To find out more about Miele sous vide warming drawers, visit the Miele website here.

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