Nyetimber has had one aim over the past 30 years; to make the finest English sparkling wine to rival the best in the world. We certainly believe they have achieved that and more thanks to decades of dedicated craftsmanship, passion and a pioneering spirit completely focused on precision and attention to detail. If you don’t know them already, here’s everything you need to know about Nyetimber…

Mentioned in the Domesday Book almost 1000 years ago, the peaceful valley of Nitimbreha first made its appearance in history (the name of the site then most likely refers to a newly timbered house or a small timber plantation). Almost 900 years later in 1988, the first vines of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunir were planted and from then on found a home in the lee of the South Downs. By 2006, Eric Heerema became the new owner and custodian of Nyetimber, and the rest is history.

Realising that the location of the estate had the ideal soil to create superb sparkling wines, Eric just needed the right team to enhance Nyetimber further. Eric recruited Head winemaker Cherie Spriggs and Brad Greatrix who share his vision of crafting the finest English sparkling wines, and together they have achieved their goal in global acclaim, winning awards and multiple blind tasting competitions by some of the world’s most celebrated wine experts.

As well as being made with a huge amount of passion, the perfect greensand and chalk soils at Nyetimber allows the vines at all nine separate sites to flourish across the South of England. The climate there allows for the slow ripening of the grapes to achieve the optimum levels of ripeness and acidity, as well as the complexity and finesse for which Nyetimber is renowned.

By using only estate grown grapes form the vineyards allows Nyetimber to ensure that only the finest fruit is used to craft their exquisite wines. Head Winemaker, Cherie Spriggs, and winemaker husband Brad Greatrix are central to every decision made at the company, assessing each handpicked vineyard individually. A painstaking but well worth it job. Choosing the optimal time to harvest grapes, and supervising their gentle pressing and eventual vinification is paramount. This level of attention allows Nyetimber to make the most informed blending decisions the following spring – thus creating the perfect wine.

Crafting their wines via the traditional method of ageing for extended periods of time to build complexity and flavour, the high level of craftsmanship sees the coming together of modern science and artistry, all in the pursuit of perfection which shines through in every aspect of the company. If you would like to find out more about the process from bottling to disgorging visit the website here or watch the incredible Nyetimber video here.

Nyetimber has no less than a choice of seven different wines from which to choose including a vintage 1086 for special occasions to their Cuvee Chérie, which is light, golden and oh so crisp – perfect for weekends in the sunshine with friends. To see the full range of wine click here, and if, like us you can’t wait to get your hands on a bottle (or crate) of Nyetimber you’ll be pleased to know you can buy it all over the country and in Scotland too, find the full list of stockists here.

The Nyetimber is a beautifully reimagined 1968 Routemaster bus. Stopping at some of the UK’s most sought-after events this summer (Henley Regatta, Limewood’s Smoked & Uncut festival to name just a few), the bus offers a luxurious, quintessentially British setting for passengers to relax and enjoy a glass of Classic Cuvee, Rosé or Blanc de Blancs.

The lower deck of the bus is home to a handcrafted bar with a subtle union jack behind and leather seating, whilst the upper deck provides more seating space and truly lovely views of the garden. Top Tip: there’s even a button you can press for your glass to be refilled with Nyetimber sparkling wine.. yes really!

For more information or to order wine click here.

Images, Nyetimber, Sam Churchill

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