Q&A with Katharine Pooley


Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working with Katharine Pooley on several residential projects across the UK. As the creative force, owner and founder of her eponymous interior design studio based in Chelsea, Katharine has an unparalleled reputation for one-of-a-kind exquisitely designed projects across the world.

Combining an impeccable attention to detail and innovative creative vision, Katharine’s award winning projects are renowned not just for their devotion to luxury and comfort but as a celebration of exceptional British craftsmanship.

At Humphrey Munson, we are committed to designing, manufacturing and installing our projects to the very highest standard possible and share a dedication to quality and excellence with Katharine and her team. We caught up with Katharine to share more of an insight into some of the recent projects…

What was the design brief for the kitchen at the South Kensington project?

The kitchen at this property had to fulfil a number of important functions for the family; it needed to accommodate their busy lifestyle while also making space for the whole family to come together. They needed something practical and stylish that would be timelessly elegant.

Working closely with HM we feel we have been able to incorporate many of these points by including a generous kitchen area, bright dining space and a small area of lounge seating – all these combined make this kitchen the real hub of the home.

What is your top tip for creating interior designs that are personal to the client?

It is so important to listen to the client and how they need a space to work for them and their family lifestyle. A well designed space will be effortless to live in and we aim to create this feeling for all of our clients – no matter the brief.

Why do you like to work with Humphrey Munson on projects that require classic English kitchens?

Humphrey Munson has consistently been able to marry together contemporary elegance with a classic, richly detailed, exquisitely hand-crafted kitchen, always creating the perfect stylistic balance for modern family living.

We work closely with them choosing our finishes and they have proven time and time again to hit the mark with style whilst creating kitchens that are practical and easy to care for.

“I have used HM across a few of my own personal projects and their kitchens really do withstand the test of time. I have also used their cabinetry in rental properties and a few years on the kitchens still look as sharp as the day they went in”.

Katharine Pooley

What is your favourite part of your new kitchen at the Coach House?

I live in a busy house with my young family and the new Kitchen has brought the family back together here for meal times, and spending time with my boys is my favourite part of the day.

The kitchen layout has given me more space whilst increasing the storage available. I love the toast shelf as my boys are forever making themselves toast! I have added this feature into all our HM kitchens and will continue to do so!

As well as a new kitchen at the Coach House, you also replaced the flooring with Padstow limestone from HM Flooring library – what made you specify this particular tile?

Selecting stone is much harder than you would think, we looked at a wide range of products from various suppliers, all the while knowing I was looking for something tumbled for a more aged effect. 

The natural Padstow limestone proved to be the perfect colour in the light up here in Oxford and being a lighter colour, helps bounce the natural light into the back of the room. Flooring can really open up a space and I believe this has been extremely successful for me.

Do you have any advice for anyone in the process of re-designing their own home?

Take your time to make an overall plan of the style you want. I find pictures to be a great visual tool to keep on track and also to explain to your contractors what you are hoping to achieve.

Things will develop through the design process but if you keep your original vision in mind you should remain consistent with the style of choices you make and end up with the outcome you desire.

To see more of Katharine Pooley’s interior design work click here and for all enquiries please contact her studio here.

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